Happy New Year

DSCN0229-2Hurrah its 2017.

HWIOO and I did our festive impersonation of Lurch and Lurch A Lot.  I managed to get pneumonia in December.  The Mater asked where I’d got it from.  In all honesty I have no idea but I wish it would go away and not come back.  Meanwhile Lurch A Lot managed to wake up just before Christmas with full scale labyrinthitis.  Yes – HWIOO has been walking into walls and taking the mop bucket everywhere.  In other words we over did it in December and celebrated the twenty-fifth with a jacket potato, which was a first as was the fact it was a pyjama day and we spent most of it dozing or watching tv…which I rather enjoyed.

Thankfully I’d frozen many meals ahead for when the Madams and their parents arrived so it was just a question of removing things from the freezer and everyone who could helping in the kitchen, slumping in front of the tv and occasionally venturing out to the book shop for more reading matter.  The only thing was that they’ve all been a bit poorly as well.  The Number-One-Son-In-Law sounds as though he’s been smoking sixty woodbines a day.  He did introduce me to Jakeman’s cough sweets which are seriously good and the Littlest Madam convinced me that Calpol is the way forward.  Before she’d had it she was pale, unwell and decidedly unhappy.  About half an hour afterwards she was zipping around in fine fettle – why do they not do an adult version?  In any event, I’m surprised someone hasn’t nailed our front door shut and painted a large red cross on it.

However, we’re all on the mend now.  The mop bucket is back on its usual duties so it’s time to think of our resolutions for the year – apart from staying healthy that is…I’m thinking of getting a large plastic  germ repellent bubble though I’m not sure what I’m going to do about HWIOO.   Presumably my next post will be knee deep in keeping fit, writing best selling novels, generally being a domestic goddess and progressing to the letter H in our alphabet quest.  I shall consider it over a nice cup of tea and a spot of light crafting.  The Little Madam has requested some die-cutting today and who am I to refuse?

I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2017.



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