Post-exertional malaise or walking through treacle.

treacleG turned out to be for garden centre as we hunted for outdoor Christmas lights – very festive and apparently expected by half the population of the village.  You’d be surprised at the number of people who have told me over the last fortnight about how lovely the previous owners’ made their spruce tree at this time of the year.  And there is g  of our alphabet of fun things to do in one sentence.

It’s been a bit of a busy week, one way or another pacing has not occurred as it should, or rather I didn’t nag enough. And that’s a bit of a funny thing as well. The pacing is definitely a two person enterprise as I work in the role of time monitor but who want’s their partner in life constantly telling them to go and lie down or to stop doing something?   Consequentially HWIOO has a bit of delayed fatigue at the moment or as it’s called in all those professional documents “post exertional malaise” – which sounds a real barrel of laughs.

Essentially we’re at the stage in proceedings where he’s fine for longer and because he’s not getting as tired he’s overdoing it because although he knows he has to pace in order to manage the condition, the boundaries of his tiredness have shifted in a good way – just we haven’t worked out where they’re at yet.  At the start of all this any kind of exertion left HWIOO feeling like some sort of wrung out dishcloth without the next hour of so.  Now the delay has moved to forty-eight hours later and only if he hasn’t been pacing effectively.

I can pinpoint exactly where the pacing failed this week.  It was the brand new log shed. Hand built and stained to match the fence by HWIOO.  He put two coats of stain on the shed whilst pottering around in the garden in between times on Saturday and he was feeling so good he didn’t have some quiet time or go for a walk.  This was bad.  Very, very bad. He overdid it.  However, at the time he felt fine.  By Monday afternoon less so. Tuesday was a walking through treacle kind of day and generally not to be recommended. Bizarrely we should have seen it coming because there were other indicators, poor sleep being one of them swiftly followed by the inability to cope in noisy situations because of the number of distractions. Odd as it may seem when HWIOO has exerted himself beyond what he should have done he doesn’t always head into the stage where the Tiller Girls could be doing the cancan at the bottom of the bed and he’d not notice because he’s so soundly asleep.  Sometimes he goes the other way… i.e. sleeplessness. That and the sensation of being on the edge of a cold and a feeling of anxiety.  Sounds wonderful.

Also with the weather being colder and less good for cycling we’ve not done any aerobic exercise which is bad.

The switch has flipped and we thought we were doing so well and the fact is we were.  It’s all a bit trial and error.  Every time HWIOO takes a step forward it sometimes feels as if we fall backwards on the pacing . The aim is that by the end of next year HWIOO will not require regular afternoon naps – now that really would be progress.

In other news the Little Madam is going to have a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Birthday party in January- and no I won’t be turning orange and dying my hair green for the occasion although the Wonka chocolate bar production line is being instigated in between the Christmas preparations.

Talking of which tomorrow I’m getting the recipe books out.



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