F is for Fantastic Beasts …

Fantastic-Beasts-And-Where-to-Find-Them.jpgIt’s been a while but there’s not been a great deal of domestic goddessdom going down of late.

However, today whilst I was at work and HWIOO was trying to track down Harry Potter Christmas baubles for The Pottermeister which are being advertised on Primark’s website but which seem to be about as common as unicorns he came up with the jolly good idea that we should go and see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them once I escaped from Henry VIII and his reformation.


So that’s I came to move from The Ten Articles and heresy to nifflers and dark wizards. What more could a girl want, especially as it was in three-D.  It was great and it covered the letter F twice over (flicks and fantastic).  We were a bit concerned that the film might have been hyped but it really was classic Rowling, though I won’t be taking the Right Little Madam any time soon.  It’s not like the first Harry Potter where the darkness was firmly controlled.  Here the dark is insidious.  Even the sets are industrial and dark.  In part that may be due to the desire to evoke a period feel but equally the wizarding world is a dangerous place from the first instant Newt Scamander appears on screen.  I shan’t write more as I don’t want to spoil it but let’s just say I’m hooked.

When The Number One Son and The Pottermeister were growing up it became a Christmas tradition to go and see that year’s new Potter film.  I think we’ve got a new tradition as apparently there will be five films.  It’s all very exciting.


Oh and by the way, I wants and I needs a niffler.  Nifflers look vaguely atipodean,  in an echidna sort of way, and they love shiny objects – something which gets Newt Scamander , the hero of Fantastic Beasts, into no end of trouble and lightens the atmosphere.  Echidnas are fairly rare so I think that’s out and besides HWIOO would take a dim view so I shall have to wait for a cuddly version of the niffler to be released.



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