And e is for – bicycle

DSCF2179That’s right folks e is for cycle or in HWIOO’s case electric bike.  Someone we know with cfs has an electric bike and uses it on a regular basis.  The idea is that you cycle as normal as part of the pacing programme and then the battery takes over before you feel exhausted. HWIOO’s battery charges whilst he cycles and the bicycle frame isn’t much heavier than an ordinary bike.

HWIOO who has dizzy episodes if overtired thanks to his cfs went off to a cycle trail to check that he could in fact ride a bike without ending up in the ditch before we made our purchase.  He could and he was very pleased. Obviously he will not be attempting to do any cycling if he is at the bottom of a trough of cfs but the plan is that the waves of peaks and troughs should be kept as even as possible with pacing.


I confidently just assumed that I could ride a bike…which may have been an error. My bike is an ordinary ‘set up and beg’  with a proper wicker basket on the front…think back to the start of the Wizard of Oz.

Today we set off for our first adventure along a cycle trail kitted out with cycle helmets (we never had those when we last owned a bike).  Nor for that matter did I have seven gears when I last owned a bike.  It may have had three but being left handed it wasn’t something that I focused on a great deal.  So not only do I have to stay upright, I also have to change gear, stay on the path and not run out of puff and remember which handle controls the rear brake and which controls the front – as I have no desire to sail over the handle bars.  I can see why the Right Little Madam when she was learning to ride a bike last year  had a moment at one point when it all looked very complicated and gave her bike a good kicking to teach it who was boss before bursting into tears and having a five minute melt down.  She then picked the bike up, got on to it and rode off as though she’d been doing it for years.


I on the other hand was relieved to discover that what they say about muscle memory is true and that once you’ve learned you don’t forget.  Just, you know more terror at all the possible mishaps awaiting you than you did as a child which may explain why my arms and hands are more sore than my legs at the moment; I was hanging on to the bike for dear life.  It’ll be easier next time I expect. And hopefully passing strangers won’t tell HWIOO that I look petrified – I don’t think cycling around on a cycle trail is supposed to be a white knuckle adventure.

HWIOO on the other hand has been doing all his pacing exercises and peddled off with ease and delight rather like the Right Little Madam after she’d given her bike a jolly good kicking – something that isn’t going to happen to ours I hasten to add though I do wonder how long it will be before the Pottermeister and the Little Madam ‘borrow’ them.



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