What’s under the manhole cover?

cropped-dscf2156.jpgI’m pleased to say that my adventures with our cottage have now reached a conclusion.  Pause for wild celebration!

The cottage has been inspected top to toe.  We began the summer with a posse of builders breathing through their teeth about the roof (which is fine); paused for a wall inspection (this doesn’t require a surveyor with a tape measure it requires someone to stand and look at the wall.  I must assume that there are a few lucky mortals with x ray laser vision out there); moved on to demands for my furniture and we finished with a request to know what was under the manhole cover.

Now I don’t know about you but when I see a manhole cover my first thought isn’t to prise the lid open to see where it goes.  So as far as I know it could be the entrance to the Seven Dwarves’ diamond mine; an escape route for Gandalf from the Mines of Moiria; a land inhabited by Mad Hatters not to mention anthropomorphic time conscious white rabbits; or, er, and this is wild I know – a drain.  Sadly during our time at the cottage I wasn’t bothered by seven overly happy dwarves, a wizard wielding a broom stick or a small girl in a blue dress. Oh, hang on.  I encountered not one but three of those; so who knows?

Anyway, after weeks of gnashing my teeth, pulling out my hair and generally fretting, we’re good as I would say if I was even remotely cool.  On to the next adventure but no more dust for the time being- thank you very much.



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