How to dry out a phone

DSCN0160The dropping of the phone down the toilet set the tone for much of last week.  Let’s just deal with the phone for the time being on the grounds it has a happy ending. There is no need for this post to deal with disappointing outcomes from literary agents; the diabolical deeds of estate agents or HWIOO knocking our wrought iron gate from its hinges.

Having retrieved it, the phone, from the toilet and spent the rest of the day compulsively washing my hands it turns out I did the right thing when I took the battery out as soon as I got the phone out of the water.  Apparently if the phone gets hot then the chances are that you’ve managed to fry the electrics. As we were out, the phone, the battery and the phone card spent the rest of the day in the boot of the car on a travel rug.  As soon as I got home I put it in the airing cupboard on a towel – I perhaps shouldn’t have done that but since I didn’t have a handy bag of rice  there wasn’t much alternative. The advice is not to stick it on a radiator or to try to dry it with a hair dryer.  The next day a bag of rice was purchased and the phone was stuck in some rice.  Forty eight hours later, by some miracle, it turned on but in safe mode having done all sorts of things I didn’t ask it to do before hand.  If you were in receipt of a random phone call I’m sorry – I didn’t do it.  It was the phone.  I then tried to ring the Pottermeister.  She said she could hear a voice saying ‘hello’ growing gradually fainter before disappearing altogether.  She wondered whether I’d fallen down a large rabbit hole…me too by the end of the week.

I now know I should have left the phone a bit longer to fully dry out because  having stuck it back in the rice on Friday I turned it on again more in hope than certainty.

It works ladies and gentlemen.  It works.  My delight knows no bounds.  I do not need a new phone and I haven’t succumbed to dysentery or typhoid which makes me even happier. We will not be eating the rice as I’m not sure that water absorbed from a toilet is what I need to be feeding HWIOO at this time.

D, for those of you following our meanderings through the alphabet, actually turned out to be dinner, which was very lovely,  overlooking Windermere last night.  I began with chicken liver and bacon parfait, progressed to duck (it wasn’t deliberate but it was delicious) and finished with a delightful mint mousse.  Tomorrow I start on another D.  Yes, that’s right – diet because we also revisited C and had a cream tea the day before.


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