Its not the winning that counts…repeat slowly after me…

DSCF2575.JPGIt’s been a bit quiet on the domestic goddess front on account of the fact that I’ve been stitching like a woman possessed since the schedule for the local wakes and sport show arrived through the letterbox. Tatiana very kindly gave me this wonderful ‘blackwork’ tulip kit and it proved an inspired decision to stitch it as I discovered today that the judges are looking for a range of stitches. I finished it rather late last night having completed my flower corsage in any medium. I’m not sure why I thought a wired and wet felted lily would be straight-forward but apparently there was a time in August when I thought it was a good idea. As it turned out it was because it won first prize whilst the tulips came in second place to four identical white work napkins. Not only were the napkins identical but the backs were as neat as the fronts.


Needless to say the right little madams also got involved when they realised that there was a children’s class. They potato printed, painted plates and constructed up-cycled tractors.


It was all over by lunchtime today.  I dropped off the entries, watched  some ducks go down a slide, mistook a bullock for a cow, nearly got run down by a pony and trap, narrowly avoided adopting a blood hound and spotted an opening in the market tent for Hattie and me next year to sell our various craft related produce. Then, by one o’clock, I’d been trounced by the Right Little Madam. She won all three of her categories as well as best in class. She has certificates, a rosette and cash to prove it. She thinks she might enter more categories next year. It may be needful to have a chat with her about winning friends and influencing people. As my friend Stan pointed out there are worse things than not winning.


Meanwhile I’m wondering what the categories will be next year as it’s pretty evident that cross stitch won’t get me very far and, besides, I might want to enter more categories myself; patchwork and knitting– perhaps I ought to have a chat with myself at the same time as discussing being a little too competitive with the Right Little Madam. But like her the lure of a certificate and the possibility of a rosette is not to be sneezed at.






2 thoughts on “Its not the winning that counts…repeat slowly after me…

    1. JuliaH Post author

      Thank you – the whitework was technically very superior and it has to be admitted that my back is not as clean as my front! This defect will be remedied by next year.



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