Dawn chorus

img003The Little Madams needed to be out of bed and up with the larks this morning.  Instead they slumbered like a pair of small grizzly bears holed up for winter.

Drastic measures were required.  Over the years I’ve collected a wide selection of music guaranteed to get the youth moving from their beds.  Old Man River or Flannigan and Alan were favourites if we needed to shift the Number-One-Son during his adolescence.  It was just a question of setting the music up outside his bedroom door. By the first few bars of ‘Underneath the arches’ he was usually begging for mercy.  The Little Madam proved to be made of sterner stuff.  She hummed along with her eyes tightly closed.

We progressed to Meatloaf.  Nothing doing apart from the placing of her pillow over her head.


As a consequence I was found doing my best rock chick impersonation singing along to Bonnie Tyler and ‘Holding out for a hero,’ on the landing.  Its not a pretty sound but it makes me happy.

Eventually a small tousled head emerged. “You’re making a racket Granny.  It’s giving me a head ache.”  She retreated with wounded dignity to the bathroom. ”

By the time she emerged, HWIOO was at the bottom of the stairs issuing helpful information, “We’ve got to leave in quarter of an hour.  You need to have breakfast.”

She appeared at the top of the stairs like a small dowager duchess in full sail. “There’s no need to shout.”

At which point HWIOO and I had two choices. We could have gone for crossness re backchat. We opted instead for a complete lack of grown upness. I started to hum the Darth-Vader theme tune as she came down the stairs whilst HWIOO began to whistle it.

Needless to say it did not go down very well. A small eye-brow was raised, “That’s not funny, you know.”  There was a pause. “Who told you that you could sing Granny? They were wrong.”

So that’s us told and a hint of teenageness to come.  Good job I have a large selection of hideously old-fashioned cds to choose from and a wide repertoire of songs.  The right notes are there, just not necessarily in the correct order. Da..da…da…de..dum….


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