The suspicious case of the missing bracelet.

DSCF2266Over the years I have learned to look out for favourite toys being flung from prams and left in strange places in shops.  I once retrieved T-bear from a moat where the Right Little Madam had thrown him with gleeful abandon having turned the whole thing into a game to keep the adults around her on their toes.

The Right Little Madam has progressed from comforters (T-bear still travels everywhere with her and is occasionally subject to running repairs) to spectacles. There was a point where her mother despaired.  She once, the Right Little Madam that is, claimed to have left a pair of spectacles on a potato in a supermarket. I’m not sure whether it was the leaving of the specs or the fact that her father didn’t spot she wasn’t wearing them that caused exasperation.   In fact we’ve spent much of the last four, or maybe five, years checking that her glasses are on her face rather than somewhere else.  Despite our vigilance it hasn’t always been successful.

We have now officially moved on to the next phase – jewellery. She has a Harry Potter charm bracelet which she loves but which she insists on removing to fiddle with.  Then she becomes distracted and puts it down.

I think you know where I’m going with this.

We collected the two senior madams today, stopped for lunch on the way home and that was the last time I saw the bracelet.  I went off to do some sneaky shopping whilst HWIOO encouraged the Right Little Madam to finish her lunch. My mind was not focused on bracelets.  We then moved on to Hobbycraft and my mind filled with wool. When we got home the Right Little Madam couldn’t find the aforementioned bracelet.

I went through bags and pockets whilst HWIOO searched through the car.  By the time he returned he was convinced that a particularly talented, and possibly slightly OCD, thief with an interest in Harry Potter had broken into the car, removed the bracelet which the Right Little Madam said had been on the car seat and then locked the door again.  There was a brief moment when I believed it might be a possibility.

Then I took the car to pieces.

The bracelet was under the back seat pad.  We have no idea how it got down there as there is no gap big enough for it to fit through.  Relief all round -the Right Little Madam didn’t have to face the wrath of her mother; HWIOO doesn’t have to worry about thieves who unlock and relock doors; I don’t have to berate myself for not keeping a close enough eye on a bracelet when I was supervising two children, a pair of spectacles and the spouse….suddenly T-bear being catapulted through the air appears very much more straight forward.





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