Badges galore

DSCF2281.JPGWho would have thought that button badges could be so popular or that I could find a new hobby in the space of twenty-four hours? During our search on the Internet The Pottermeister and I came across a number of Harry Potter button badges. The problem was that with thirty possible party goers it all looked a bit expensive and then I discovered the Bandai Badge-It machine.

I ordered the Badge-It from Amazon.  It was their basic machine.  It came as part of a free delivery and arrived within forty-eight hours, what more could a woman ask?   All I can say about the badge machine is that it’s brilliant.  Although its supposed to be a toy it does an excellent job in a small scale production line sort of way. And no, the Little Madams aren’t going to get their paws on it…it’s mine, all mine!!! There’s a fair chance that everyone of my family, friends and acquaintances will soon be sporting a button badge of some description.  I now have a notebook set to one side for appropriate quotes and ideas.

The Badge-It is made of lovely durable purple plastic and the actual badge making parts are safely hidden from fingers – which in my case might be a very good thing.  There’s a slightly worrying cracking sound at each step of the two stage process but this is the badge being squashed into the right shape and its virtually impossible to go wrong unless you put the badge parts in the machine upside down – but even that’s intuitive, not least because I found a demonstration on U Tube before ordering.  I might, if I get particularly carried away, invest in something a little more substantial in due course should the urge to make button badges continue. I feel that the cost of spares is slightly more than I want to pay but having said that I’ve not yet sourced a job lot of button badge parts so I might be very pleasantly surprised.

So whilst the football was on last night I created a circle template and my badge motto and spent a happy hour and a half making my quota of thirty Harry Potter badges. I even successfully downloaded the Harry Potter font from   I need to produce the “Harry Birthday” banner next and I found a wonderful free Hogwarts bookplate  at which is shortly to be printed and added to the Right Little Madam’s new edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Pieces By Polly also has Harry Potter inspired quilts – and yes, you are quite correct it is entirely possible that I may be starting to stitch quite soon.

The Honeydukes display stand manufactured from a cardboard box has been constructed and is now drying out.  I will need to paint it next week in pale green and pink as well as doing a spot of sign writing – thank goodness for the printer  and carbon paper.  I’m also on the lookout for an old wooden tray as I’ve seen some rather wonderful Harry Potter trays which have been chalk painted and then had logos added – though this is not for the Little Madam’s birthday party its because I rather like them.  I’m not sure but I think that there might be a Potteritis virus and I may well have it.



3 thoughts on “Badges galore

      1. Kenneth T.

        Badge-a-minit presses are designed with simplicity in mind and are to be used as a starting point. Another thing you might find beneficial (if you plan to do more with this hobby) buy OUTSIDE of badge-a-minit. You see, all their parts are stamped with the company website, wouldn’t it be better to to have YOUR company name on your projects? Another thing is that their parts are sized slightly different then standard. Sadly this also means that the parts can’t be used in another company’s press. 😦
        Badge-a-minit is meant to be a jumping off point, and their products are good for that, but for better results, upgrade… you will be happy you did.


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