Potter’s taking over my life…

DSCF2266.JPGHWIOO has taken to calling the Number One Daughter The Pottermeister and I think I may be trapped somewhere in the sweatshops of Diagon Alley.

It’s all perfectly simple.  Having created the invites we checked out the Potter Party paraphernalia and the Number One Daughter or The Pottermeister made a little list.  It all sounded so straight forward sitting in the garden on a hot summer’s day. The one thing that was clear was that the official merchandise is outside the pockets of most people which is a shame as Harry’s got a lot of children reading and imagining over the years.  No wonder that there’re rather a lot of inventive fans out there who have used their own imaginations to re-create Harry Potter’s world.

So far I have rehearsed the slug jelly, constructed twenty foam owl bookmarks to go into the party bags.  I’ve run out of foam and owl shapes so I’m hoping that not all the invitees can make it and the Little Madams have definitely lucked out on this occasion.  I have resized and printed Dementor Chocolate bar wrappings provided elsewhere on the Internet by a very talented and kind blogger which now need to be attached to chocolate bars. And yes there will be another post with pictures and links sooner rather than later. No one can say I’m not learning useful new skills. I have made 14 chocolate frogs – only another 16 to go and have made a start on the chocolate owls and mice.  I must have rushed the mice as three of them were earless so its back into the melting pot for them.

I have also done something very foolish.  I printed out the chocolate frog boxes without checking that the aforementioned chocolate frogs fit into them.  This morning as I ate breakfast HWIOO looked at my lovingly created sample box (I hope I get faster with the folding and gluing) and said, “Have you checked the frogs fit?”

Now I think they do.  Or put more truthfully, I hope they do as I have twenty-eight more frog boxes ready to cut out now hiding out of HWIOO’s sight.

I’ve got more card so that I can print out sweet cartons, and yes I’m sure my carton construction skills are going to come along swimmingly.  I have also found ribbon to tie the boxes. A badge making machine should land on my doorstep this afternoon so that I can run up thirty Harry Potter badges once I’ve downloaded the Harry Potter font.

I just hope the Pottermeister hasn’t seen the Harry Potter decorative house banners looking like the Hogwarts house crests and the larger than life cardboard owl constructed by some talented parent who clearly had no thought for the rest of us!

All I can say is that once the props are manufactured- and HWIOO is about to find himself press-ganged into cardboard wizardry -the Right Little Madam will be having a Harry Potter party every year until she’s at least twenty-one… and so might everyone else! The Pottermeister and I currently appear to be optimising all our waking hours around a two hour event.

Now, I’m away because I need to construct a Honeyduke’s Sweet Shop display case  and finish my presentation on Lady Anne Clifford (Let’s hope I don’t become confused!)

P.S. I wish I knew where J.K. got her names from because I’d have to say Honeydukes is a brilliant name for a sweetshop.


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