From dandelions via orchids to daisies.

Early-purple-orchids-in-Cressbrook-Dale.jpgWhere do the weeks go?  Today we went for a walk pausing only so HWIOO could check that the weed and feed was killing the dandelions in the lawn.  He was  bit down hearted to note that the three or four in the lawn are nothing compared to the many many yellow flowers in the verge.

When we finally arrived at our chosen venue the sun was shining and initially we had the place to ourselves apart from two sheep and a gentleman who was either contemplating life and the universe in the sun or rehearsing a role as a garden ornament. As we wandered along I found cowslips and a purple orchid.  I think I may have a new interest!  Of course, I didn’t take my camera so double click on the image to find out more about the Peak District as this was where I did find a picture.  However, I think its safe to say I will be returning with my camera to take my own photographs at some point. I’ve also discovered that there are many other varieties including the bee orchid and the frog orchid – what’s not to like?

We hadn’t planned on a walk on account of the fact that the weather forecast on Friday suggested that we’d be experiencing wind, rain and the other delights of an English spring.  I’m not complaining but next time I go to the seaside I’m definitely bringing a piece of seaweed home.  It might be more reliable.

In other news the Right Little Madam appears to be taking an interest in geology (better rocks than snails in my humble opinion.)  This is thanks to the new patio and gravel path that have been installed in the Number One Daughter’s garden.  And like me the Right Little Madam appears to be something of a collector. I think you either are a collector or you’re not.  I’m currently hunting down every book I can find on blackwork embroidery as well as Royal Doulton Harry Potter figures having found three in a little vintage shop for a very reasonable price.  I think it may be the thrill of the chase and, incidentally, searching on Ebay is cheating in my opinion.

Anyway back to the Right Little Madam, having inspected the gravel and found the prettiest stones she’s now scouring the route to and from school for stones to extend the collection and apparently add to the path which isn’t terribly pleasing to the Number One Daughter who also has to contend with the Littlest Madam pausing to pick every daisy in sight.  If you’re lucky she’ll hand them to you with aplomb and then expect you to treasure them which is why my handbag sometimes looks like there’s been an unfortunate accident in a potpourri shop.

This picking habit is, of course, going to have to be severely curtailed before I take the Littlest Madam anywhere near an orchid let alone a site of scientific interest.  Perhaps we should get her a camera as well. I’m not sure she’ll be convinced.






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