From sparrow hawks to hot chocolate…

IMG_7075.jpgHWIOO is feeling grotty – so much so in fact that he took himself downstairs very early this morning and was treated to the sight of our resident killer raptor trying to turn a small blue tit having its breakfast into breakfast. It failed. The blue tit apparently scarpered into a convenient bush and refused to come out. The sparrowhawk took itself off into the nearby fir tree where it remained for a considerable length of time – probably sulking or doing its best Dick Dastardly impersonation.


We’ve not seen it for weeks and when Naomi asked if it had turned up again I said no. Turns out we were wrong – it’s a bit of an early bird. On the photographic front we’ve progressed to almost getting a full mug shot but I suspect I shalln’t be counting siskins and goldcrests today.


Meanwhile we are preparing for our second round of flying solo with the Little Madam and the Right Little Madam. Last week we were left in sole charge for a whole forty-eight hours. There was some tearfulness when their parents departed (no, not us – them) but this was soon soothed by an episode of Dad’s Army and a frothy hot chocolate. The following night whilst watching the next episode the Little Madam announced, “Where’s my hot chocolate?” (Clearly the service just isn’t up to standard). We appear to have created a new ritual and I must get some more hot chocolate before they return or I truly will be found lacking. I also need to get to grips with the frog method of subtraction which is not, it turns out, an insult to French mathematics but involves making leaping marks on a number line and there’s also the problem of doing multiplication by the ladder method…I don’t think it means sending the Little Madam up a ladder but I could be wrong and then there’s the grid method. Somehow maths seemed much more straight forward when I was at school, which probably means I’m getting old and grumpy.




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