Snail’s pace

The Littlest Madam was required to go on a Spring walk.  Consequentially we have peered at, listened to, prodded and sniffed spring today.  We’ve inhaled the aroma of stinky fields, damp leaves and daffodils; prodded catkins and moss; listened to birds, lawn mowers, tractors and crows;  and found all sorts of evidence of spring from passing Easter bunnies to leaves budding on brambles.  It was, in short, a lovely afternoon.

DSCF2169The Right Little Madam took the opportunity to form an attachment – well one hundred and seven attachments.  She is one of life’s collectors and today’s collection of choice was Cepaea nemoralis…no, not a spell from Harry Potter, a brown lipped snail or banded snail. Or as I rather mistakenly said, “Oh look at that pretty shell. I’ve never seen one like that before.”  That changed fairly rapidly.  It also turns out that they’re as common as muck unless you live in the north of Scotland.

Her teacher is going to be delighted tomorrow when the Right Little Madam takes a bag of snail shells in – at least there aren’t a hundred and seven gastropods slithering around.  She did once paint a dot of nail varnish on a more humdrum garden snail and give it a name.  Her mother wasn’t terribly amused given that it was eating its way through the vegetable patch at the time.

Arrival home meant that the shells were washed, arranged and photographed.  And it turns out she’s got a bit of a knack…because both of these photos are hers.DSCF2185.JPG



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