Gingerbread galore

DSCF2132I made gingerbread snitches a fortnight ago. The cutter, along with the sorting hat and house badges, came all the way from America.  I have no idea why there’re none readily available in the UK.

They looked reasonably snitch like when they came out of the oven, which is more than could be said for the Griffindor house badge which had lost its imprint during the baking process. Unfortunately I then iced the snitches with white and yellow. The result? Flying poached eggs.

Now while a bad workperson always blames their tools it probably helps to have the right tools in the first place. This week armed with a rather clever squeezy bottle with nozzle from Lakeland  rather than a plastic bag with a hole in the corner and slightly firmer icing I did manage to produce some passable crowns though I wouldn’t want to present them in the Bake Off tent or to the WI. I’m not denying that some practice is required and a rather more vibrant yellow but it’s a start.


Next time the Little Madams visit they want to make blinged up crowns.  I’ve been instructed to get some of those inedible silver balls, chocolate stars and fruit pastilles because, apparently, crowns require jewels.  So that’s the entertainment sorted for half an hour.


That just leaves the expansion issue- not out waistlines- the dough expansion. After consultation with the Mater it is clear that I’ve been slapdash with my golden syrup. I’m using the recipe from the Bake Off Celebration book that I found during a rummage in a charity shop (!!) but rather than weighing the quantity I’ve been spooning it out of the tin with enthusiasm. The result is a slightly softer gingerbread and a loss of definition.


So the next batch will be weighed rather than spooned. I shall put some flour in the scale pan and then measure exactly. The batch after that will be different again. The Number One Daughter says that replacing the golden syrup with honey provides the sweet gooiness but is healthier than golden syrup. That batch will possibly have lemon flavoured icing. Who knows I might even return to my Harry Potter cookie cutters in due course. I’m also wondering how long it will take the Little Madams to become fed up with gingerbread. After all there’s a whole world beyond biscuits – there are gingerbread houses; pele towers; castles; cathedrals with boiled sweet windows; three dimensional biscuits; gingerbread star stacks that look like Christmas trees; gingerbread Christmas tree decorations and that’s before I get hold of the book entitled “Dress Your Gingerbread.”


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