Five minutes rest…

DSC_0001One of the joys of cfs is the desire to sleep for twenty-fours hours at a stretch but on occasion to have only a couple of hours kip even though you might be absolutely exhausted.  It doesn’t make much odds because HWIOO always feels as though he’s only had only a couple of hours sleep.  It’s on account of the non-restorative nature of the sleep patterns that go with cfs.


On this particular occasion HWIOO knew part of the cause of his sleeplessness and stress. His Mam was admitted to hospital just after I’d killed off, or rather someone on Edward IV’s orders, killed off Henry VI on Wednesday afternoon. It turned out that she’d got a pulmonary embolism. It didn’t make for a restful weekend for anyone. By the time we arrived at the hospital having haired up the M6 rather than taking a gentle day of scenic dawdling she’d been diagnosed and treatment was well under way much to our relief and to hers.

“I haven’t had a wink of sleep,” she announced the following morning when we arrived. Then looking at HWIOO, “And never tell me you haven’t combed your hair?”

By yesterday evening more tests had been done, x-rays taken, district nurses arranged, daft questions about how old she was answered (“I’m not silly you know!” and “I’m more than capable of getting dressed. What do you take me for?”) and she’d been discharged. We finally got her home, made a hot water bottle up to go in her bed and a cup of tea – to drink rather than warm her bed. “EE,” she said to me, “You do look tired.”


She said the same again today after we’d filled her fridge, purchased a new bedside light and I’d done the laundry. A district nurse had also paid a visit and we’d had a discussion about meals on wheels in the short term. Now, let me assure you that I had a good night’s sleep and by the time she effectively told me that I wasn’t looking my best HWIOO was pale and wan …so what that makes me I don’t know.

What I do know is that at the end of every hour HWIOO should have five to ten minutes quiet time in order to avoid boom and bust levels of tiredness.  It’s not that easy when you’re driving up the M6 to pull over for forty winks, nor is it entirely possible in a busy town environment even if you do stop for a nice cup of tea and slice of cake  – I know we should be watching the carbs and refined sugars.   So pacing hasn’t gone too well this weekend but on the plus side Mam is already feeling a bit better and HWIOO’s apparently looking better than me.


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