Where’ve the birds gone?

DSCN6547.jpgIt’s been a while. Christmas and New Year have been and gone.   Fervent New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the way side, the door bell has been fixed, we’ve had a puncture that involved summoning the AA, I’ve started work and have been offered another contract (hurrah),  Storm Gertrude has arrived and its still not quite the end of January.


This weekend is the RSPB big garden birdwatch and up until today I’ve wasted hours gawping at gymnastic blue tits, cheeky sparrows, goldfinches, blackbirds, robins, a nuthatch, a pair of chaffinches, an elusive woodpecker and a very push coal tit not to mention several slightly gormless pheasants that we’ve called Clarence – thank you to Tatiana and Stan for sharing the name in the first place.  Today, I had my handy downloadable pack printed, pen in hand, mug of coffee at my side and there was nothing – not even a pigeon or a collar dove. A flock of crows flew over but they don’t count. The bird has to land in your garden for it to be in the tally. HWIOO has suggested that it’s much too cold for the poor little blighters. I pointed out that they need to eat their own bodyweight every day, so cold or not they should have been cavorting around our bird feeder availing themselves of the extensive range of bird food on the buffet that has been provided so that I can count them.


Meanwhile HWIOO has put in his new bird feeder– Hattie and Archie visited last weekend and HWIOO is delighted with his Christmas present. He’s located it so we can see the feeder from the living room window – and he’s started reading the book of Radio 4’s ‘Tweet of the day.’ Before you ask – no, I wasn’t looking at the wrong feeder.


He has also put together a flatpack chest of drawers from a well-known Scandinavian store. He wasn’t surprised by the instructions or the fact that things didn’t quite fit as they should do. Several hours later the Little Madams now have a bed each and a drawer each in the new chest of drawers. The Littlest Madam has three drawers under her bed and she was most irritated when her mother put clothes in them over the festive period. She’d had plans for them you see; one was designated the marble drawer (one marble- presumably for when she decided I had finally lost all of mine); the second was for her books and the third was for cuddly toys (tucked up under a blanket).   I have also sorted their toys into lidded plastic containers which reside beneath the beds.  Hopefully we have now ensured that all parties will have a sufficiency of storage to keep them all happy. We’re also going to get a bookcase for them as someone keeps buying them books.  Yes, I do need to change the curtains – preferably for the heavy duty blackout variety because being disturbed at dawn by a small wide awake person quite quickly loses its appeal. And I would also like to get a pretty rug for the room as the carpet doesn’t fill my heart with thrill but the thought of summoning the carpet gnomes to fit a new one isn’t one I want to contemplate for very long.


In short, progress is being made. Boxes are being emptied and things being allocated to their correct places. I wander from room to room swapping things around until I am satisfied that they are where they belong. I would particularly like to thank Hattie for sorting all my tapestry wool oddments from their bin bags into colour lots which are now bagged up in a huge plastic chest beneath the spare bed – she did offer – I didn’t kidnap her and force her to sort it all out, honest! Archie was speechless.  All the wool, for only one hobby, strewn over the living room floor made Hattie’s stash look positively dinky in comparison. HWIOO was speechless as well.  He never realised that I had so much of the stuff you see…unfortunately he is aware now.  In that respect moving my crafting items has been a bit unfortunate.  I started with several boxes of indeterminate size carefully packed, without supervision, as I emptied the wardrobe of doom.  Then approximately a year later I opened them.  Lets just say it was like pulling the ripcord on an inflatable lifeboat.

I’m very pleased with myself though.  I now have a basket of ufos (unfinished objects) by my chair which I plan to complete in the next six months and if I give it a couple of months perhaps HWIOO will forget all the other crafting related items now hiding beneath the spare bed.

I also have the beginnings of this year’s action plan (which will no doubt be audited by HWIOO – he found his clip board this morning).  Oddly enough I don’t plan to wall paper anything anytime soon.




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