A nasty case of the Westminster chimes

DSCF1326.jpgWe would not win marks for observation. I’ve unearthed the Ethernet ‘thingies’ that you plug into sockets to improve the flow of wifi through the house. Apparently we need these if HWIOO is to access the iplayer and the sport. I’m not sure why I packed them in the colander or why I put the colander in the utility room – or futility room as I like to call it – nor am I sure why the colander also contained three bars of soap (wrapped), a tea plate and half a dozen teaspoons as well as a distinctly grubby looking tea towel.


But back to the subject in hand. We had spotted something already plugged into one of the sockets of the livingroom. HWIOO was concerned that these might be doing the job – very poorly- that the newly unearthed Ethernet plugs were intended for. So very naturally he unplugged one to have a closer look at it – find a serial number or a hint as to what its purpose might be.


As he went upstairs for his afternoon nap he asked me to do some research.

“It’s not for a doorbell is it?” I asked, inspiration bursting from nowhere in particular.

“We’ve not got one.”

“No but perhaps the previous owners took the bell and forgot the socket bits.” I was already heading for the door.


The doorbell was exactly where you would expect to find one. Neither of us had noticed it, neither when we visited the house nor when we moved in. Nor, it would have to be said, have we noted a doorbell on any of the days since then. More importantly we haven’t been summoned by the sound of bells at any point in proceedings.


Now, I ask you – what does a woman do when she sees her own doorbell for the first time?

Exactly. She rings it to see if it works. It did.  I may have been a bit heavy handed as there was a distinct pause before the button lit up and  the sound of the Westminster chimes echoed around the house.


Unfortunately HWIOO hasn’t had much of a nap today because, you see, unplugging the thing that transmits the noise, plugging it back in and then pressing the doorbell resets the system so that if you’re really lucky you get treated to random Westminster bells chiming at irregular intervals there after.


I answered the front door twice before I twigged. I then unplugged the ‘wireless plug thing’ in the living room but still the doorbell chimed. The plugs are not small things – but do you think I could find the culprit. It wasn’t in the bedroom or on the landing, nor in the spare bedroom, nor the dining room. Ultimately it turned up in the kitchen just inside the door where its been in plain sight for the last three weeks but it was a very grumpy HWIOO who finally spotted it…as apparently being woken from a deep sleep by the sound of the Westminster chimes is not a pleasing expereince.


Tomorrow he will apparently have to remove the doorbell from its housing, remove the battery, replace the battery, return the doorbell to its housing and then press the doorbell once to re-calibrate the entire thing. The other option is, of course, to leave the wireless plug things unplugged.

And no – I haven’t moved to Hogwarts . It was the only picture of a front door that I could find amongst the 26,000 photos.  Though, come to think of it, I wonder if Dumbledore has ever been troubled by a wireless doorbell?


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