Lull before New Year

Storm Frank is now with us – I’m not sure Frank as a concept sounds particularly destructive but I suspect that given the amount of rain we’re having he might not be a very good thing. Seeing Hebden Bridge, Sowerby Bridge and Mytholmroyd under water was very sad and rather alarming – especially as many of my lovely students come from those particular areas. I issued a fervent prayer that they all live on high ground and are safe and dry.

Meanwhile we took the opportunity in the week before Christmas to move to the ‘forever house’, unpack, prepare for Christmas and entertain the little madams. The Littlest Madam received the Minion Movie for Christmas which she absolutely adores and watches at least once a day surrounded by an assortment of minion cuddly things. Unfortunately I’ve now got “Hey hey we’re the monkeys’ locked in my head and can be found humming it randomly around the house…which doesn’t bother me, as I may be slightly dazed following a week of moving and festivity, but everyone else is starting to wear a slightly pained expression.


HWIOO has, unsurprisingly, overdone it. One reader described CFS as being like a piece of elastic. HWIOO has well and truly stretched his elastic and it has now pinged back – so he is still sound asleep. We’ve also noticed that the CFS comes in long rolling waves – so I guess he’s at the bottom of a trough and just as its taken him several weeks to arrive here it will take several weeks to get back to the peak of the wave but we’re getting the cfs book back out and going over what needs to be done in terms of routine – well we will get the book out just as soon as I can find it.


I’m very excited about it my newfound interest in ornithology. There are blue tits, coal tits, sparrows, chaffinches, a nuthatch, black birds and robins. It must be admitted that I become hypnotised by them. I could stand and watch them for hours.


In addition to the bird watching excitement HWIOO is pleased to have a room of his own – I did point out that didn’t mean the rest of the house was mine but he’s absolutely convinced that he’ll emerge one day to discover that Hattie and I have set up crafting Heaven whilst he hasn’t been looking. I honestly hadn’t thought of it before but since he mentioned it …. I shall be calling Hattie just as soon as I can get my telephone to talk to her telephone.  Ours has ‘call guardian’ attached and Hattie’s has something similar.  So the two phones are behaving as though we might actually be cold calling one another.  I can’t ring her on my mobile because there’s not a great deal of reception so I shall be dragging myself even further into the twenty-first century by working out how to make a Skype call.

Right – lunch now and then a trip to a cheese shop so that the Right Little Madam can select her very own cheese after tasting some to see which see likes best.


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