Carpet, chablis and a polar bear.

DSCF2079Hurray and huzzah! We have a fully carpeted cottage.  The carpet gnomes did good as they say in footballing parlance…okay, they got the carpet fitted before Christmas 2017.  I can now glide around bare foot without fear of splinters which is very lovely indeed.

In celebration I was sent out for a bottle of wine.  Now, there was a time when I didn’t like venturing down the wine aisle in case I selected something on a par with radiator fluid but these days I’m much more gung ho about it.  For starters I have learned to check the percentage alcohol on the label on the back of the bottle as well as read the notes which are usually very helpful;  there’s the punt – the dimple on the bottom of the bottle- the deeper the punt the better the wine (or so I’ve been told); then there’re those little words ‘grand vin’ and ‘appellation  de’ along with awards that vintners seem to give one another on a regular basis.  And then there’s the domestic goddess failsafe- does it have a lovely label?  Now your idea of a lovely label and mine might be different but I liked the look of a chablis sporting a ammonite on its label and even better it was on special offer.  So think of me sitting here in my bare feet (toes buried in the carpet- oh luxury indeed) with a nice glass of chablis at my side typing manically.

So that’s the carpet and the wine.  The polar bear, an Alan Dart creation. came off the front of Simply Knitting a couple of months ago.  I’ve completed two thus far but have bits for another four but won’t get them sewn together now until next year and since then the magazine has generated an entire cast of mice clad for Aladdin, a werewolf and Old Father Time.

Oh yes and its time for some more before and after pictures:

DSCF1118Lovely isn’t it?

I thought you’d think so.


And now?  Well obviously we kept it exactly the same…


Only joking… now where are the marauding grand-daughters?  They’ll want to inspect progress.


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