To coin a phrase – the weather outside is frightful! And by rights I should be painting the living room ceiling but I’ve been slightly side tracked with a Harry Potter project this weekend.  I’ve also discovered the joys of chalk painting.  Currently I have painted a wooden box with burgundy chalk paint, added the Right Little Madam’s name and the Hogwarts school badge along with the school name in acrylic.  I’ve even managed to paint a snitch inside the lid.  The next stage in the process is to apply at least one coat of wax.  Wider reading suggests that three coats may well be better.

DSCF1098It’s time also for a before and after photograph.  Here’s the landing six months ago – not a pretty sight and we won’t discuss the floorboards.  You would think given the amount of housing stock with imperial sized floorboards that it wouldn’t be beyond the wit of the average purveyor of diy accoutrements to sell an imperial range of floorboards – but no – apparently there’s no demand.  Actually we did find some but the line was being discontinued.

And now!


Wall paper, carpet, books – what more could a girl want?  But for the time being it’s back to sign writing Hogwarts in black acrylic.


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