Before and after

Before – a perfectly inoffensive bathroom – assuming pink and peach are your thing and you like carpets in the bathroom.  On one hand they’re lovely and soft but on the other hand spillages do occur (yuk!)  So generally speaking I think I’m a fan of vinyl in the bathroom on the grounds that water under your laminate is not a happy thought either.

Sadly I was never a fan of the tiles as they made the room look small nor was I smitten by the colour scheme…come to think go it I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly selected anything in pink and peach.


The horrors of during – not forgetting the discovery of the blocked up door and several man eating spiders.  Months and months of tiling thanks to the bevelled edges of the tiles and the adhesive/grout mix – thank goodness I wasn’t responsible for selecting either – though I was responsible for screaming like a banshee when I discovered a huge spider in my towel. HWIOO came to my rescue but wasn’t amused when he discovered that the spider was very similar to the Norwegian Grey Parrot- as in it was an ex-spider. All I can say in my defines was that I wasn’t wearing my glasses and the spider was huge.

And now it looks rather different.

It’s rather lovely to have a bathroom again and a proper upstairs where housework means vacuum cleaning and dusting rather than plastering and painting.

Meanwhile downstairs in the living room, a door frame has been put on the shelving that houses the gas meter; doors have been fitted; a particularly offensive wall has been dry-lined and tomorrow there’s a spot of patching to be done so hopefully by the end of the week I can be decorating the final room – I’m not holding my breath but you never know.



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