That was the week that was – and it’s still only Thursday.

John-dogsLast night not only did my house have carpet- it had a bed rather than a mattress on the floor, pictures on the walls, books arranged in height order on the bookcase and clean (and ironed) laundry in the drawers. This, so far as I am concerned, was brilliant. It was less good for HWIOO who awoke at three and in his half sleeping state forgot that he was now several feet off the ground…and rolled out of bed. I must have been very soundly asleep indeed because I didn’t hear the dull thud of him landing (maybe the carpet has a much thicker pile than I realised) or the sound of him getting tangled in the airer that I’d put up in the bathroom to finish off drying the last load of laundry. No, he didn’t put the light on first and yes he did know it was there – I’m not that cruel as to set traps for him.

And of course, today was King John – it was really lovely to see so many familiar faces and to meet some new ones as well. I still can’t make my mind up about the youngest of Henry II’s brood. He was definitely a bad man – text book baddie in many respects. If he’d been Victorian he’d have had a moustache to twirl and tied young women to railway lines – but then again when you look at his parents, his brothers, his vassals, the time in which he lived and his neighbours you can sort of see where he might have been coming from. And he was good with animals.

As ever the paperwork ate into teaching time and there wasn’t enough of it despite my best endeavours. I shall worry about that tomorrow.

What was also nice was that HWIOO accompanied me – so I had a porter and by the looks of it I’m about to acquire a manager. Let’s hope I don’t also acquire someone who carries out quality audits and inspects me on a regular basis! he spotted that I hadn’t done my plenary activity at the end of the session and hadn’t gone through the learning outcomes with folk but I shall turn the plenary into a post tomorrow.  HWIOO is very organised and will probably create an action plan for me with a set of targets along with dates and outcomes. He’s also threatened to lock me in a room with my laptop and no Internet until I’ve written the best selling novel. He says he’s looking forward to being a kept man…I must buy him some more jigsaw puzzles once the renovations are finished.

After the class finished we set off for deepest darkest Cumbria. I didn’t have a chauffeur this morning because HWIOO was feeling rather wobbly – it might have had something to do with rolling out of bed in the middle of the night but I did have a chauffeur heading north. I enjoyed the approach to Keithley as by that time it was growing dark, houses had their lights on but their occupiers hadn’t drawn their curtains so I was able to admire their décor or not as the case might be.

I am now happily ensconced, having had a refreshing shower, in bed with a toothbrush mug of red wine and a bar of plain chocolate.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


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