The carpet is coming…

DSCF1049Huzzah!  Not only have we chosen the carpet but a gentleman who did a passing impersonation of a garden gnome complete with beard and pudding basin haircut came and measured all the upstairs rooms with the aid of a very elderly tape measure – in inches.  What’s even more astounding is that its going to be fitted on Friday.  That’s just six days away.

Six days! What have we gone and done?  There’s a whole room to be decorated from top to bottom, papering in the hall and glossing in the stairwell shown here in its original state which actually looks very neat and ordered compared to the way it’s looked for the better part of three months.

DSCF1086Deep breaths! Firstly there’s only one wall to be papered in the hall.  Everything else is done.  Three quarters of the panelling in the stair well has been painted and the house reeks of gloss paint. I’ve gone for two tone woodwork – white and herb green, except the herb green looks rather darker than the test card which means that I need to paint the narrow vertical batons on the panelling white with a very small brush to break up the expanse of green that looks as though we’re campaigning on behalf of Robin Hood – yippee – just what I needed, decorative work with gloss paint.  I’m not going to think about the bedroom that needs decorating until Monday morning by which time I’ll have glossed all the doors so may be so high on paint fumes by then that I won’t care that I have no time for anything this week apart from flinging paper on to walls.

The reward is that on Friday night, all things going reasonably close to plan, I’ll be able to sink my toes into lovely soft carpet, before putting my clothes away in a wardrobe and then getting into a bed as averse stacking my clothes on a box, avoiding splinters in my tootsies and falling over the mattress on the floor.

And that will mean photos and only one more room to do. Then whatever shall I do? Oh the sheer bliss of it.


2 thoughts on “The carpet is coming…

  1. atkokosplace

    Ahhhh… Homeownership! I’m still doing projects. One thing at a time. Your new carpet is gonna be fab! I’ve got to paint moldings and baseboards. Not really looking forward to that one. Here’s to projects, one at a time! Cheers, Koko:)



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