Another pair of curtains…

f92e1ac1888e84b0138d53dfef595e17Who ever would have thought that I could be so excited by curtains?  The reason is very straight forward. Each new set of curtains means that another room is ready for carpet.  Today was the turn of the landing…which means there’s only the bedroom to go.

This weekend has seen me tiptoeing up the ladder each afternoon with an armful of pasted wallpaper determined to get the landing finished but without waking HWIOO from his slumbers.  The only reason it wasn’t finished yesterday is that it got too dark to see the folds in the wallpaper where I needed to trim the edges even with the light on.

I’m rather pleased with my bird toile  in cream & red from B & Q as it was very nice to hang.  It didn’t stretch, tear or sag.  It didn’t collect air bubbles and the pattern match was beautifully straight forward although I was slightly concerned that I’d get so carried away that I might put a piece on upside down.  It’s easier said than done – I’ve not done it yet but there’s always a first time.   There were only two walls to paper – both of them with doors in which made it fiddly as did the light switch and the thermostat – but the hours slid by without me noticing.  I’d already painted two of the walls in ‘natural stone’ – which turned out to be exactly the same colour as one of the shades in the wallpaper which I would have described as a very pale grey but then there’s a whole post in the outlandish names that manufacturers give to their paint palettes.

This morning saw me balancing on the full extension of the ladder to hang the final two strips of paper above the stairs – not to mention that awkward bit where the wall zigzags under and then down where upstairs becomes downstairs.

Having spent the better part of three hours being very very careful not to fall off the ladder and not to ruin the wallpaper as I only just had enough it was off to the shops to hunt down a pair of curtains. As luck would have it my shopping trip also yielded a door curtain and wall paper for the hallway.  I still can’t tackle the last bedroom on account of the fact that I am not allowed to plaster the ceiling.  I’m tempted to give it a go but I’m of the view that plaster down the neck is not a pleasant feeling and that a wonky ceiling will result in the odd heavy sigh  from HWIOO. Besides which, I can finish the stairwell and the hallway this week so its not as though I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs.

It’ll be quite a milestone actually as the hallway still has carpet and wallpaper from when we moved in. This will be the last  of the wood chip removal! Removing wood chip wall paper is very therapeutic for the first half hour but rapidly descends into one of Dante’s inner rings of Hell thereafter.  At least the  steam from the steamer will be good for my sinuses and it’ll be an excuse to break out a celebratory gin and tonic when I’ve finished.


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