crownHWIOO is currently slumbering peacefully so I cannot paper the landing but when I wake him in five short minutes it will be all systems go. There’s only two more walls to be decorated and ‘bingo’ we will have yet another room.

The doctor, who was very nice and very helpful, has diagnosed HWIOO with golfer’s elbow or medial epicondylitis if you’re feeling like a medical terminology workout. Apparently it’s a form of tendinitis and a close relation of tennis elbow, though much more uncommon – well, that’s a comfort then!   There are some exercises that can be done to help recovery but the most effective cure is rest. In short HWIOO who has never played golf – other than crazy golf- in his entire existence has overdone the diy so has done nothing of a plastering, painting or sawing nature this week. Never mind, we continue to make progress if somewhat slowly and HWIOO can watch the rugby without feeling guilty.

I have glossed the skirting boards and some of wooden panelling on the stairwell as well as the bannisters. I hate glossing – the can always says non-drip and it always does, just after you’ve gone off to clean your brush. However, it would have to be said that  considering the amount of glossing I’ve done this week I may just be coming to terms with it but I’m still deciding what possessed me to decide on a two tone stairwell. I have purchased some magic frog tape for gloss paint and have carefully read the instructions. Apparently you have to wait three days before sticking it over new gloss paint so it looks like I’ll be finishing the stairs off next weekend.

It will be too much to hope that the bedroom will be decorated by then, especially as there are several doors to be painted and a loft hatch. Now that HWIOO has his elbow it looks like I’ll be doing them and then sitting and watching paint dry so that they don’t end up with drips in. – I am however one step closer to carpet and that can’t be a bad thing.


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