Something to Do

something to doI think I’ve watched too much Star Trek. The reason? Well, bear with me while I explain, jobs on my lengthy list of d.i.y. are one or two words – and take seconds to write down, e.g. remove poor floor boards. Fit new ones. There were three complete boards and two half boards in need to changing. The next job on the list was to gloss the skirting boards on the landing. In my mind this was going to happen this morning after the old floor boards had been lifted and the new ones snugly fitted. Then tomorrow I was going to put the wallpaper up followed by the curtains and bingo another room finished. Clearly it was a case not learning the earlier lessons of this venture or a bad case of “Make it so!”  It’s on the list with a time frame – therefore despite evidence to the contrary it will be done – all very Star Trek.

Even as we speak I can hear the sound of HWIOO fitting the second to last floorboard. He has not paced himself despite numerous cups of tea and he will not stop until it’s finished – based on the premise that one of us stumbling across the landing in the night might result in a nasty accident. His wood chisel, which is many years old, snapped in half (I have no idea how he managed that- though I suspect he ignored the laws of physics). I have spent much of the morning hoovering dust and debris from between the joists.

Realistically then, given what else needs to be done I may not be starting to gloss anything until Monday morning as I don’t think HWIOO should do any more d.i.y. this afternoon or tomorrow. This does not happen in Star Trek – the captain does not need to go for a lie down. Admittedly we’re not in hyperspace: I have neither spotted the Klingon menace nor any Tribbles this morning.

Instead of painting I have occupied myself by shifting things around for the next wave of the three dimensional jigsaw that is our home at the moment. I’ve even done one or two jobs that aren’t on the list – though I’ve promptly noted them down just for the satisfaction of removing them.

And I have now successfully managed to side-track myself. I have come across an old Puffin book entitled “Something to Do.” It was reprinted a huge number of times between 1966 and 1975. I have no idea where it came from. It is divided into months and provides three hundred games and activities for a ‘young person’ to enjoy. Apparently in September a person could paint plastic pots (I’ve got enough problems with paint already); collect fungi (hallucinations or worse- just what HWIOO requires); bowl a hoop (did children still do that in 1966?); make an Indian headdress from stray goose feathers because apparently goose is a September meat (you learn something new everyday) – and no I’m not going to start a side-line in plucking and gutting my own geese in order to provide crafting materials for the Little Madams; indulge in some invisible writing with lemon(perhaps I could have a secret list of d.i.y. jobs); make toffee apples (tempting) and finally make an orange ball to store in the airing cupboard until Christmas. I can hardly wait to see what October might bring.

This afternoon while HWIOO naps I am going in search of an orange, some ribbon and a large packet of cloves.   I have a functioning airing cupboard and it might be quite fun to do with the Little Madams once I’m in a position to go for the full “Here’s one I made earlier.”  I saw an orange ball at East Riddlesdon Hall not so long ago in the kitchen area.  It was rather old and didn’t resemble an orange but the smell was pure Christmas. I think you can guess what tomorrow’s post might be about, after all, I do need something to do these days…


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