Naomi, niblings and a nasty scratch

DSC_0004Last Monday I saw Naomi. The afternoon commenced after I’d climbed out of my work clothes and into something not splattered in paint with a visit to a nearby patchwork shop.

I can safely say that I have never, ever, seen so many patchwork fabrics all lovingly filed on their shelves by colour and pattern in any one place, nor so many books on quilting and patchwork- who would have thought for instance there would be ten hen related fabrics in one shop?  Now let us face it – I’m renovating a house.  The ladylike arts of stitching are not something that I have much space for in my day at the moment.  In addition to which the contents of my ‘wardrobe of doom’ comprise enough craft related projects to keep me out of mischief for the next few years once they and the wardrobe come out of storage and that’s not counting the U.F.O.s – Unfinished Objects.  So I left the shop – with a lovely book about Christmas patchwork and two small projects to do while HWIOO slumbers in the the afternoons when we go on holiday so that I don’t develop cabin fever.

But back to Naomi who has a bigger pile of history books on her bedside table than I do which is saying something.  It was a very lovely afternoon of books, gardens, travel and cake – did I say cake?  Obviously not.  That fruit gateau and lemon drizzle cake must have been a figment of my imagination brought about by the excitement of all those fabrics or possibly paint fumes.

Naomi and I found ourselves discussing HWIOO at one point- she frowned slightly and asked about cortisone. At the time I filed the information away with a mental reminder to find out more once I’d painted the landing ceiling, the skirting boards, two walls including the stair well and wall papered the other two walls.  I was optimistically thinking I would get all that done by last Friday – you’d think I’d have learned by now.

By Friday I’d managed the ceiling, the preparation of the walls and putting up the lamp shade.  We are also now slumbering in the newly completely decorated spare bedroom which is delightful not least because it has curtains rather than an old blanket over the window.  By next week I should have completed the landing and the stairwell even though rather a large quantity of gloss paint in two different colours is required.

On Saturday we set off to see the Niblings – Jupiter and Venus celebrated turning one by being baptised.  Nibling is a rather wonderful swedish word meaning nephews and nieces. I discovered this during the party after their Christening when one of the niblings’ glamorous, sophisticated, hugely talented and fun godmothers shared the word with me.  I’m not sure whether I’m going to be the wicked fairy godmother who brings drums and cymbals into their lives or the slightly mad one – I might combine the two roles- I shall certainly be the most dishevelled one and possibly the most paint stained.  But from henceforth I shall refer to them as the Niblings – with a capital letter as I don’t have any others.

And that brings us to the nasty scratch which, as you might expect, belongs to HWIOO.  He caught his shin on a corner several weeks ago and instead of healing the wound looks like its getting larger.  After much humphing he is going to the Doctors’ but as ever I referred to his CFS book and discovered that slow wound healing is yet another symptom of CFS – its the syndrome that never seems to stop giving new surprises!  A swift search of the net suggests three possibilities – zinc deficiency, not enough Vitamin C or something to do with cortisol levels – no doubt the Doctor will explain all and prescribe something – not that the CFS clinic was very keen on supplements – keen on diet but not pill popping on account of lack of empirical evidence or plain contradictory evidence. However,  in the meantime, it looks like Naomi is on the right wavelength – she certainly was when it came to the cake.


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