Beside the sea with labyrinthitis

IMG_6468It has been a very, very nice Saturday indeed. Hattie and Archie kindly invited us to Staithes for the art festival and have fed us lots of lovely food and drink too. Thus far today I have looked at art in its various forms from watercolours to wrought iron via acrylics, felting and pirate teddy-bears, admired a beautiful felted dormouse; purchased a papercut of a hare and a print of a magnificent barn owl; looked around assorted Staithes cottages; worn my new purple wellies and jumped in puddles; been beachcombing; drunk wine on the seafront; watched a film starring Colin Firth; joined in with the last Night of the Proms; crocheted eight repeats of the pattern for my new sweater whilst Hattie whipped up a pair of snazzy socks. What more could a woman want?

Well actually, she might want to plan what comes next – and with Archie and Hattie’s help that’s actually what seems to have happened.  The game, as Sherlock Holmes was prone to comment, is afoot.  Though in my case, it’s more settling down with the laptop to get the novel written and accepted by a publisher; produce the cover for my ebook; get creative (I’ve got a little list of things of seen today from felted sketchbook covers to driftwood picture frames); sort my Etsy or possibly Ebay shop front out; and finish the cottage…simples…and it really does seem straightforward here. Perhaps its the ozone in the sea air that’s doing it. Or the wine on the seafront.


Meanwhile HWIOO is having a bit of a do with labyrinthitis – which is part of the CFS. Labyrinthitis manifests as vertigo, with accompanying nausea but it can also result in a sense of disorientation and spatial mishaps – he once said it made the floor and the walls distort- a bit like a hall of mirrors at a funfair but not so much fun which is perhaps why he decided not to go up into the gallery of the old Methodist chapel this afternoon. In the past I used to know how tired or stressed he was by the number of walls he walked into as he arrived home from work. These days it’s a bit more perplexing because he’s been pacing pretty well these last couple of weeks. So your guess is as good as mine as to what caused it – possibly congestion brought on by dust as we’d travelled through a landscape of combine harvesters and clouds of dust drifting in their wake yesterday morning- or possibly the amount of travelling he did yesterday- it might just as well have been because there’s an ‘e’ in the month for all the logic there is to it.

Fortunately, one of the consultants he saw when he was first diagnosed gave him some exercises that seem to help; so does being vertical (bizarrely) – draining fluids away from the ears (yuk); some lovely sea air of course; and being allowed to do things at his own pace. Mr Dogson, Hattie and Archie’s miniature schnauzer has been most attentive. He and HWIOO have spent much time together on the sofa in quiet contemplation of life and ginger cake.

Of course whilst thy were quietly contemplating- okay HWIOO was sound asleep and never even noticed the thunderstorm and heavy downpour that accompanied it -I was jumping in the aforementioned puddles.  There’s a lot to be said for forgetting how old you are and going by your shoe size once in a while.



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