What a difference a week makes

img003So – seven days on from last week’s down turn we are getting back on track and I feel much happier with the universe.

Eventually we will learn that it is impossible to do too many hours of any one thing or do too much in one week – pacing is the key and we keep forgetting. Even if HWIOO thinks he’s ok and is engrossed in what he’s doing he has got to stop and go and have a rest.  On one hand this is intensely frustrating, on the other hand we don’t want any more relapses than we can help.

This week with the exception of the day we went to a castle, explored secret passages and played statues on the ‘green sward’ HWIOO has been getting up, doing two hours work, stopping and then after freshening up we go out for a walk,  have lunch and then he goes off to bed for a couple of hours sleep. As a consequence we have progressed much further in terms of energy conservation.  The lesson here is if you have cfs and go off piste there will be payback.  There’s no way around it and the sooner we get to grips with that the better.

Even better I’ve met another couple who are living with the joys of cfs.  It was actually lovely to compare notes with the non-cfs spouse in a bizarre kind of way and to swap tips on symptoms and coping strategies.

On the home front progress has been made as well – HWIOO has virtually finished the grouting in the kitchen – he’d never have believed it could have taken so long to do a bit of tiling but there you go. However, having nearly finished I’m on the tidy up stage and have put the dining room table up.  We have table and chairs.  There are books on the bookcase and a picture on the wall.  The curtain pole needs to go up but I can do that – though I’d better use the wood drill bit to make the pilot holes.  Its a bit of a sore point with HWIOO – I used one of his wood drill bits to drill a hole in masonry.  Personally I think he should be impressed that I made not one but two holes with it and put the washing line up to boot.  Sadly he didn’t take that view pointing out that I’d ruined a perfectly good drill bit.

I have also glossed the spare bedroom skirting and window frame after what seems like months of taking the stuff off which means that I can paper in there and the levels of dust are noticeably dropping.  Don’t tell anyone but I think we’ve made a step forward in more ways than one.


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