One of those weeks.

Last Sunday, HWIOO bounced Tigger-like from bed and announced that he was going to sort out the plasterboard above the kitchen window. Minutes later we had our very own in-door rockery on account of some nit thinking that plaster-boarding over a rotten beam was absolutely fine.

Sunday took on a whole new perspective, with regard to making the site for prospective in-fill avalanches safe, which we did very swiftly. Then it was a question of measuring up for a new lintel and going and getting the necessary equipment. By Sunday evening the old was out and the new was in but it was one heck of a mess and there was only space for one person to work.

Kaitlin and Bernie, who were supposed to be meeting us on the Monday, had to be put off and HWIOO spent all of Monday finishing the job. And as predicted by Monday night was more tired than tired.  On Wednesday we had to leave the Number One Daughter and the Little Madams part way through the day.  I drove home.  HWIOO has arrived at relapse – he’s overtired.

By now the kitchen should be complete. This would mean that the tile cutter and workmate could be put away, enabling me to erect the table and finish off one half of the downstairs. Meanwhile upstairs there was only one little bit of plastering to be done, which would have meant that I could have decorated one of the bedrooms.

Instead of which all the week’s energy was used up on the beam right at the start of the week and it’s not been much fun since. Tiredness on this level is not conducive to diy or domestic harmony – four hours sleep in the afternoon do not leave me with many options or HWIOO for that matter. He’s tired and feeling fed up with himself. I’m just fed up.

Go out, I hear you cry. I would. But part of the tiredness has ensured that HWIOO doesn’t like to think of me driving any distance on my own and trust me going around the shops with a permanently tired man who actually commented “But you came into this shop last week,” (what’s the answer to that?) is not a relaxing or helpful experience – On average an outing lasts two hours once we’ve arrived, an hour of which is spent in a café so that HWIOO can gather enough energy to get himself home. Browsing is not an option. HWIOO doesn’t complain about it, he just looks progressively paler and more tired and I feel progressively more guilty about dragging him out. The elastic has briefly snapped and we have made precisely no progress – apart from having made it safe to do the washing up, a fact for which I am profoundly grateful. It’s all part of building stamina but at the moment it feels like we’ve taken several steps backwards. Though checking the handy little leaflet the hospital gave us this is normal as well.

Well what about you doing the tiling? Again, I can and I would but HWIOO started and he wants to finish. I put a picture up on Tuesday and having spent some time levelling it off wasn’t terribly amused when I was told it was a couple of mm off. I’ve been specifically told not to touch the tiles.

Never mind. We will start again next week. In the meantime – where’s the chocolate?


2 thoughts on “One of those weeks.

  1. Mavis

    Hi Julia! All this takes me back about 50 years! I do sympathise! The only thing we did which made it easier was to completely finish and furnish our bedroom, and have a couple of chairs and that became a haven of peace and order. 6 months per room was our progress!!


    1. JuliaH Post author

      Hello Mavis. Hope you’re well. That was the plan with the bathroom – a haven – I must admit though I seem to have become more dust intolerant as I’ve got older. We’re not doing badly by your calculations which makes me feel a bit better. I’ve just very quietly undercoated the banister rails and am rapidly concluding that when we move to our ‘forever’ house that it might be in a bit better nick than this one! See you soon I hope.



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