Before but not after –

It’s dawned on me that Kaitlin and Bernie, along with twins Venus and Jupiter, might think that HWIOO and I are currently living in rather grubby circumstances when they visit – given that we haven’t finished our diy endeavours yet.

DSCF1066So with that in mind.  Here is the bathroom before – which given the state its been in for the last couple of months looks like a positive paradise if I ignore the dodgy toilet seat and highly unpleasant carpet:

Then of course there was during –


Why is everything pink or green?

And there was the discovery of the door. Our friend Stan suggested that the best thing to do would be to dry line the whole bathroom for ease of tiling.  If only we’d listenDSCF1189ed to him, perhaps HWIOO wouldn’t still be having nightmares about grouting small bevel-edged tiles.

We’ve come along way since then – there are tiles, a shower screen and even flooring.  Bliss!  But not quite ready for the grand unveiling yet as there needs to be some gloss painting done and I hate glossing.  The cans may claim to be non-drip and odourless but quite frankly gloss smells and drips. It doesn’t have the decency to drip whilst you’re looking at it either.  It waits until you think you’ve finished and have gone off to try and clean your brush.  Then it drips before developing a nice skin that means if you want to remedy the problem you’ve got to strip the whole lot down and start over.  HWIOO has been nominated for all future glossing.  he doesn’t know it yet – lucky man.

DSCF1084Then there’s the kitchen.  Very 1980s if you like that sort of thing.

Exposing the beam seemed like a good idea – except of course I then had to clean it.  Still, a limed beam looks much nicer than a pine clad one:


Though the next step was rather grim- just a tap taped to the wall whilst the kitchen was rebuilt.  So grim in fact that I didn’t take a photograph.  It might have been because I was constructing cupboards and holding things up whilst HWIOO fixed them to the walls.

Actually I can see how far we’ve come and when Kaitlin and Bernie arrive after seeing this lot they’ll see progress as well.  Of course, now that Venus is walking they might be far too busy looking in horror at all the hazards available and have no words left to comment on the decor – perhaps we’ll eat out.


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