All kinds of painting…

DSC_0001Summer is officially here – the ‘back to school’ displays are in prominent positions across the country and I’ve dug out my winter woollies on account of the delightful weather.

Today we met the Number One Daughter and the assorted little madams at Denby Pottery for a session of plate painting and frog moulding. The tour began with a film and a short talk. The Number One daughter and I were impressed that four Denby mugs will apparently support the weight of a double decker bus. And, no I have not been tempted to get my crockery out of its new cupboard and attempt to balance on a mug. The Right Little Madam recalled that one worker attaches between thousand and fourteen hundred handles to mugs each day. Now there’s a thought to toy with, as is the idea that all that Derbyshire clay mingled with china clay from Cornwall has made its way around the world during the last two hundred years. It also finally dawned on me that glaze is made from a glass compound – though the frogs which the girls created from a mould will be painted with nail varnish when they have dried out as directed by the tour guide.  The Little Madam was resplendent with hues of blue on her nails today; no chewed nails for her.

The plate painting was a great success. They also successfully painted the table, themselves and their coats but the Little Madam assured us it wasn’t a problem as, “It’s Mummy’s job to do the washing.”  She’s also got several pairs of shoes to clean – don’t ask me how they managed to cover so much with so little paint.

We were the last people from that particular tour group to leave the building by which time the Little Madams had added a hand print to a plate to update the one the Number One Daughter currently owns; the Littlest Madam had coated her selected bowl in a rich shade of chocolate and the Right Little Madam had sponged a huge number of multi-coloured cupcakes onto a plate before succumbing to the desire for a ham sandwich which was unfortunate as she was being offered pizza or sausage and chips.

Then it was home to continue the puzzle that is the house. The itinerary this week is starting to look repetitive; trip to tip, tiling, paint stripping and sanding the wainscoting (I remembered the word) followed by undercoating and gloss painting assorted window sills, skirting boards and the dreaded wainscotting. Maybe by next week we’ll have progressed to the bedrooms. I’m not holding my breath.  DSCF1099

And that’s before I paint my course descriptions for next academic year in forty words or fewer – of course in order to do that I’ll need to log into the WEA tutor portal and it’s locked me out again.  It has something in common with HWIOO – he attempted to lock us out of the house by shutting the front door with the keys on the inside.  Fortunately I had the spare keys in my handbag.  Unfortunately so far as the tutor portal is concerned I don’t have anything tucked away in my handbag which will gain me entry – though I do apparently have a half eaten cake there…


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