Still plodding on

When HWIOO said the bathroom would be finished but eh weekend I very foolishly failed to ask which weekend.  However, the bathroom mirror went up this morning.  The bath panel still needs to be tiled but we have established that it was the grout at fault rather than HWIOO.  This morning he started on a new box and it went on like a dream.  HWIOO doesn’t quite know whether to laugh or to cry.

Elsewhere in the house I’m still removing paint from the staircase.  Despite our best endeavours every ten minutes or so the fire alarm goes off which is great from a safety point of view, less so from a d.i.y point of view not quite so great.  However progress has been made.

I’ve actually managed to side track myself slightly from the self publishing (although I have reached the front cover stage) in that I’m currently knitting a pirate parrot from this month’s Simply Knitting magazine.  The Right Little Madam is currently going through a pirate phase my hearties.  So I thought a pirate parrot would be right up her street.  Let’s hope she doesn’t mind the smell of burning paint to accompany it.

The big news this week is that the fireplace will be fitted on Wednesday…I’m not sure I should be so excited by this announcement.  It might even merit a photograph.


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