It’s Friday…so what?

It’s not that long ago that when Friday came around that HWIOO used to arrive home heave a sigh of relief and collapse into the sofa for the weekend.  We’ve changed somewhat – the weekends are now days when we don’t venture far.  The car parks are full and so are the shops.  We’ve also discovered that being within spitting distance of a tourist destination isn’t necessarily good for the traffic.  But never mind, we don’t play by those rules any more.

We play by the rules of CFS – which translates as two days work and three days recovery.  And HWIOO is feeling very pleased with himself. He’s on the home straight when it comes to the tiling.  Yes, I know that means he has to do yet more grouting but we have been out today and ordered the vinyl for the floor – so we must be nearly done.

I’ve painted the ceiling – not once, not twice but three times and apparently I’ve got to do it again.  Happy days.  Actually I’ve painted the kitchen ceiling four times and on the four th attempt I even managed to get it to break out in chickenpox.  Apparently the blobbing or ‘blebbing’ as HWIOO called it is caused by an assortment of faults – a dirty ceiling for one.  Well not in my case.  I washed it first: so there.  Latex paint: nope.  Moisture: no again.  This leaves one other option which I find very hard to believe – HEAT.  Who would have thought it a mildly warm day in June causes paint to come over all peculiar.

Even more delightful that pristine white ceilings is the fact that I have painted half the kitchen and the wall units are up.  Huzzah!  Things are in cupboards – my cup overflows; well it would if I could find them.  Currently our crockery consists of two plates, the Little Madams’ plastic breakfast bowls (HWIOO is not amused by Peter Rabbit), two mugs, two glasses and one wine glass.

Having said that we’ve set ourselves a bit of a challenge.  We’ve order the flooring for the kitchen as well – this means that lists will be made and jobs will need to be done.  I now do the noisy jobs while HWIOO is awake and the quiet ones while he slumbers. Though, I’m under strict instructions not to demolish the remaining work surface and the kitchen sink while he’s not looking.  Apparently subsisting with a tap taped to the wall is not something we are going to do for the next six weeks – well, that’s a relief.It’s also quite a compliment.  HWIOO assumes that I can unplumbed the tap and replumb it – he is very wrong on that particular score.

It’s Friday, so what?  So tomorrow I need to finish sanding a beam – the only exposed beam in the cottage.  It will then need filling – with a facsimile grain suitably etched and then it will need to be lime washed.  Apparently a tube of white acrylic, a thinner and a rag should have the desired effect.  The alternative is something called lime paste – not to be mistaken with a cooking ingredient.  So that will be all of Saturday gone.

On Sunday the Little Madams are coming to inspect our efforts.  The eldest little madam has enquired whether we’ve mended the house yet.  I feel she’ll be sadly disappointed but probably consoled by the fact that the television is now functional.  The Right Little Madam will probably roll up her sleeves and demand to be of assistance.  The biggest question however, is what will the Littlest Madam make of our new toilet complete with its soft close lid – she could be in there for hours.

And yes, I know there’s still no pictures but I have managed to work out how Sigil works and am currently formatting like a woman possessed.  All in all, don’t tell anyone, I think we’re starting to make progress.


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