We’ve still got a plan…and its still not quite coming together

HWIOO has overdone it.  There was a stage at the start of the week when I thought that the bathroom would be finished (with the exception of the vinyl flooring) this weekend.  The fiddly tiles have been cut and fitted.  There is one square metre of tiling left to do but someone did more than they should have without taking a break or changing activity and someone is experiencing payback. So someone spent most of today asleep.

Essentially if HWIOO breaks the rules there is a forfeit to be paid.  The problem is that he becomes engrossed in a task or wants to get a job finished and he carries on because he feels okay at that moment in time but of course -bingo- CFS bites back.  Its not a surprise.  Its just rather frustrating for him.

Meanwhile I have found a silver venetian blind from The Range, tracked down a new bathmat and found two vintage cut crystal jars in a charity shop. I also discovered a market stall that sells a huge range of craft magazines including my favourite American cross stitch magazine (no I currently don’t have time to do cross stitch – but a girl can dream.) This was a fringe benefit of my rather steep learning curve into the world of self-publishing. I was forced to do some therapeutic shopping on the way home.

Today I have learned about the role of the free publishing programme Sigal in the world of self publishing with Amazon and have learned the basics of using it.  I have also discovered the role of HTML for a more professional finish. HTML is a computer language.  Basically all those ebooks look like books to me but for anyone in the know they are really websites masquerading as books.  So they have to be formatted carefully  using HTML which appears to be a series of symbols and < signs.

I can manage Sigil – after all, if I can manage several tens of thousands of words I can manage to press a few buttons to format them in a slightly different way. I’ve already made a note that I need to do a basic course on HTML.  No, its not even the thought of uploading the result onto Amazon that I find slightly intimidating.  It’s the marketing that sounds scary and the tutor got onto that during the last half hour of the course by which time my brain cell was screaming at me that it needed to lie down in a darkened room – it was worse than the opening years of the Wars of the Roses.

The course started at 10.30 and finished at 4.30.  There was half an hour for lunch and I managed to upset two Mac computers.  I sat down in front of one first thing in the morning and it simply shut down – rather an unfair response as I hadn’t even touched it at that point.  The second one was a bit temperamental about me moving the screen so that I didn’t have the glare from the lights behind me. I was somewhat heavy-handed as I managed to disconnect a cable..

I learned all sorts of interesting things.  Did you know that publishers have to buy ISBN numbers and that they aren’t cheap?  Or that you really don’t have to sell that many books to get into the Amazon best seller list?  I need to blog, tweet, use Facebook as well as, ideally, having one zillion friends to buy my offerings.  I also need a website. I need to find an on-line community and start reviewing other people’s books so that they in their turn might write about mine.  There are so many blogs out there reviewing books that you can send your self published book on a “Book blog tour.” And if that doesn’t sound faintly unnerving, how about the fact that there are currently a mere ten million books available on Amazon? And I thought that getting an agent and going about things in a conventional way was intimidating!

Tomorrow, after the fireplace is finally delivered – another block to fit into my jigsaw of moving boxes and items of furniture- we’re going out and if he’s up to it HWIOO can help me create an action plan for the next six month’s writing.  There’s a saying about unknown unknowns and known unknowns – well I dread to think how long the first list might be but thankfully I know nothing about it.  I can’t even begin to imagine what might be out there that I need to learn until I trip over it or some kind soul points me in the right direction.  As for the second list, it has grown exponentially as a result of today’s course and I need to do something about it – fast.

I also need to continue plastering, painting and hopefully papering.

Perhaps less sleep is an answer? Or teaching the Little Madams to plaster – on second thoughts perhaps not. I also need to get more pictures into this blog.  I’ll add it to the action plan along with printing more business cards- not that I dare get the printer out at the moment.  I don’t think it would like the dust very much.  Still, it’s all very exciting.


2 thoughts on “We’ve still got a plan…and its still not quite coming together

  1. jenniewilliamsonline

    You might find some solace on my blog. I’ve been through chronic fatigue and I have a seven year old who is recovering from it. I look at at from the angle of why we disconnect with parts of ourselves which then affect the areas and systems of our body.


    1. JuliaH Post author

      When HWIOO was receiving treatment we went to an open day and I met a fourteen-year-old with CFS but I didn’t realise you could get it as a child. I shall certainly look at your blog and thank you for the feedback. We’re two and a half years in now and have reached a stage where there are a balance of good days and bars days – The problem seems to be remembering to keep an eye on the pacing.



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