We’ve got a plan and it’s coming together – finally.

Well actually we have several plans A through to Z but the plan this weekend was to make a concerted attempt on the bathroom as I am fed up of having dirtier feet after the morning ablutions than before plus there’s the risk of splinters – in the feet of course, where did you think I meant!

HWIOO is still not pleased with the grout.  Pin holes are not great news.  He can’t decide whether its the bevelled edges of the tiles, the wall or the grout itself.  He suspects the latter never having had the problem before.  Still with only one wall and the side of the bath to go he felt as though he was on the home straight but first there was the small matter of boxing the pipes in.  This should have been a half hour job, except of course the walls aren’t straight.  An hour and a half later he was feeling rather jaded but he got the job done before going to lie down in a darkened room.  It might have been a plan but as I said at the time it certainly didn’t take as long on The A Team.  It wasn’t “coming together.”

I must be getting fed up of going out because rather than head off for a coffee or work quietly downstairs today I decided to fill the cracks in the plaster work in preparation for painting a wall in the bathroom.  I can now tell you where every squeaky floorboard is on the landing – if I stand on the wrong floor board the bedroom door swings open (no idea how or why). I have also learnt to collect together everything I might need before HWIOO goes off to sleep as crossing the landing six times may be good for squeaky floorboard recognition but isn’t great when your frazzled spouse is trying to get some rest.

Not only did I prepare the plaster in the bathroom but I also managed to fill the holes in one of the kitchen walls and skim the new plasterboard in fill. I suspect that I’m going to know that I have rheumatism in my hands tomorrow but I’m delighted with the outcome. HWIOO says that if I can get that wall prepared and painted he will hang the wall cupboards and then my puzzle of shifting boxes would suddenly start to look decidedly healthier.  We could also stop subsisting with one plate and mug each (why do I need all my china I ask myself when we’ve managed so happily with so little for the last three and a bit weeks?)

It gets even better, having done my filling and plastering in the morning I was able to put the first coat of paint on the bathroom wall this evening.  Huzzah!  Farewell candy pink horror – well almost.  I reckon its going to take three coats before I stop seeing ghostly pink tinges but its getting there.

Naturally this means I have drawn up a new list with respect to the bathroom – we need to get a new open-closey thing for the window. Yes, I know they have a proper name, I just can’t remember it at the moment.  I did suggest spray painting the current one but HWIOO said that it wouldn’t be effective.  We also need a blind; I think a silver one to go with the art deco theme, a chrome light pull – ditto and new furniture for the door as we have decided not to get a new one, given that we’re going to be hiding it behind our dressing gowns.  The Number One Daughter has requested a lock which is reversible from the outside given the Littlest Madam’s capacity to wreak untold chaos.  And then there’s the lino.  I’ve already sourced the one that I like best – its black with sparkle.  It’s merely a question of purchasing it and arranging for its fitting.  At which point we will have arrived at the before and after photo…don’t hold your breath that it’ll be this week though.

There’s also a mirror to be hung, toiletries to be sorted and of course there remains the tiling.  HWIOO has approximately two square metres to do and with it the delights of grouting…actually it could be quite a while until we get to the before and after photographs but it’s all very exciting.


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