Toilets, sinks and a variety of escapes.

We’ve had a weekend without dust and very nice it was indeed.  I luxuriated in hot water and washed my hair.  In future I shall be wearing a fetching scarf around my head to keep some of the dust at bay.  I don’t think the rollers are an essential element in the outfit though and to be honest those have been packed up and are in a box somewhere.  I see myself not so much as Hilda Hogden or Mrs Brown’s next door neighbour but rather prefer to see myself as that glamorous girl from the World War Two posters whose name currently escapes me.

My major mistake of last week was to think that I was teaching Thomas Cromwell on Thursday – the subject rather than the Earl of Essex.  I wasn’t.  Its this coming week.  At least I didn’t rock up to the classroom and then phone the office to complain because no one else was there.  Now that would have been very bad indeed. I also had to phone Hattie who is very kindly putting me up overnight- who at least understood my dyslexic tendencies though it’s the only date I’ve had to remember which takes more explaining.   It’s actually this week and I’m very excited.  I like Thomas – not as an individual but as a landmark in history.  I’m also very excited about seeing my students again.  They’re friends not students and I have missed them these last five months.  I’m hoping to do more day schools.  I must make a list to email to my organiser of possible topics.

Talking of dyslexic tendencies I’m also Dolly Pawed – left handed.  The combination of the two ensured that I got myself locked into a public convenience yesterday because I managed to get confused about the circular bolt on the door.  I struggled for several minutes.  Bizarrely, the thought of my cousin sprang to mind.  She got locked in the public toilets at Clacton, though it may have been Southend-On-Sea, the fire brigade were summoned to rescue her.  She won’t necessarily be pleased I’ve shared that with the blog reading world but equally she was a little girl while my toilet lock problems have no such age related excuse.  I did escape eventually without the aid of anyone else- I’m not typing from a cold cubicle in the North.

This week, whilst on the subject of toilets, holds the prospect of a completed bathroom assuming that the toilet is fitted without problem.  It also holds the prospect of a terse conversation with a well-known purveyor of building and decorating materials.  Usually they are very good indeed, but yesterday we came home from our weekend in Carlisle complete with the kitchen sink which we picked up en route (doesn’t every one buy a toilet and a sink during a weekend away?)  Sadly the fixings were missing from the box.  HWIOO is not terribly happy – I on the other hand spotted a craft shop just down the road so am quite philosophical about the whole thing.  Actually, it may be the craft shop that HWIOO is unhappy about.  He did seem unnaturally gleeful about it being closed yesterday.


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