Moving errors

Well we’re in the cottage.  I’m attempting to block the Dyson by keep hoovering up the dust off the concrete floor – which means that if I keep going long enough I’ll be down to the Victorian packed earth and not very popular at all with HWIOO.  On the plus side we’ve laid the underlay in the dining room so that it’s now the same height as the kitchen floor which is good apart from the small gap between the two which HWIOO now needs to fill.  He’s got a very long list of urgent and important jobs which he would like to prioritise but which are all very important and need doing immediately.

He’s still tiling the bathroom.  It looks really good but the grout takes an age to apply because of the tiles having a bevelled edge. Both of us have grouted tiles before and never had a problem with pinholes in the grout but this time its turned into one of those greek myth punishments – the grouting never ends!  There’s also the small matter of the leaky toilet: not one, not two but three drips from various worn seals – so next week we will be getting a new one and a very nice plumber will do the job so all we need to do is buy it.  This, would you believe, involves going into the Wickes in Carlisle, choosing the throne that makes us happiest, returning to the hotel chain that guarantees a good night’s sleep and using TopCashback to order the aforementioned facility so that we can pick it up the following day on the way home and make a saving as well.  What more could a girl want?

As it turns out she could want her clothes.  I very sensibly packed clothes into different bags.  Some went into short term storage while other bags came with me.  Guess who put the wrong bag into storage?  I’m not sure that wearing my best suit is going to be terribly helpful.  Never mind, I’ll just have to go shopping…now why didn’t I think of that before.


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