Ta daaah!

Well that’s it! We’re officially in. We had one car load left to bring from the other house and it was a close run thing as to whether we could get it all in but Bob (that’s the car) is an estate with expanding sides so it did all fit eventually – albeit that I had to travel to my new abode with my feet fitted into a very small quarter of the foot well on account of the mop bucket, the camera bag and the file of essential documents.

It turns out that spatial awareness is going to be a bit of an issue. It was all very well when we were camping at the cottage but now we’re actually here permanently something has to be done about the living room: it looks like a Pickford’s base camp.

So while HWIOO was grouting like a man possessed (only to discover the dratted stuff needs a week to dry) I’ve been doing a giant box puzzle. You know the kind – eleven blocks and one space. The blocks have to be painstakingly moved by way of the space which is extremely time consuming as you have to work out the best place for the space and then get it there one block at a time. I loved them when I was a child but if I’m honest not so keen when there’s a room full of stuff to be moved.

On the plus side the tv is now where it should be so that when the nice man from BT comes to reconnect us to the twenty-first century everything will be where it should be. Until then I shall have to go to the very nice café down the road in order to use the Internet (what a shame). I may still go to the very nice café down the road even after the Internet is connected as they do a wicked latte and some very nice cake – look out for the blog where I start to bewail the fact that `I’m looking like a beached whale.

The next thing is to create enough space so that the new fridge-freezer and cooker can be delivered on Monday. The fact that I haven’t got a kitchen floor yet is an irrelevance.

This afternoon we’re off to choose a new fireplace, which means that I’ll have to shift everything around again on Tuesday. Who needs the gym? Though I may need the local swimming baths if I can’t have a shower until next Saturday and I I will need to look reasonably kempt on Thursday as I’m teaching a day school on Thomas Cromwell… perhaps I could claim to be modelling Tudor skin tones and dusty hair?


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