On the Move

It seemed like a good idea at the time, doing the bulk of the moving ourselves. Of course we couldn’t have managed it without the Number One Daughter, who can carry a king size mattress without qualms – obviously three small children are better than going to the gym and she’s only tiny as well.

The Number One Son was heard to say that he didn’t realise we had so much ‘stuff’. He’s not the only one!

We were supposed to move our small sofa to the cottage but unfortunately we had difficulty getting it out through our current front door. Ultimately we worked out that we could get it through the door with some judicious manoeuvring however the fact remains that it won’t go through a cottage doorway – but better to find that out now than when it was wedged firmly in our new hallway.  And besides which the new front room is full to the gunnels.

The Right Little Madam was delighted to assist with the unpacking of the van, the tail lift was very appealing and better than a trip to the fun fair. It turns out that she can carry approximately three times her own body weight and does not get tired.  She was very enthusiastic about helping her granddad and also the chance of riding in a van, something she informed us she hadn’t done before.

Meanwhile HWIOO and I  both feel like we’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards several times over. I can see why my back and arms ache  but why do my feet hurt so much?  It’s not as though they were doing any lifting.  I shall sleep well tonight I think.


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