Out of the mouths of babes…

“Blooming heck!”

We listened down stairs as the Little Madams explored Granny and Granddad’s new palace.  It’s a shame really that there wasn’t a camera at hand to photograph the Little Madam’s face when she first stepped into the hallway.  Disbelief warred with a complete lack of impressment.  I’m guessing it was the rubble sacks that did it and the fact I haven’t finished removing the paint from the staircase yet.

And so we waited as they explored.  The bathroom door opened.  “Blooming heck!”  It was the Little Madam again.  The child has definitely got expectations and we did not meet them on this occasion.

“Where’s our bedroom granddad?” she asked when we joined her.

“That one.”

“There’s no beds.”

Given that the room is actually in a state of considerable upheaval this should have been the least of her worries.

Much later the Little Madam did say that she liked the new house and she would be delighted to come and stay in it, “But only when you’ve mended it!” she added severely.

Generally speaking I think I agree with her.


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