renovation – a tortoise-eye view

Now that the ‘sold’ sign has gone up HWIOO has started to worry that we are about to move into a building site so has generated a list of things that need to be done.  Let’s be candid here – the things on the list aren’t going to happen before we move in – at least not if the chief labourer and designer has ringing in his ears, dizziness, strange pains in his legs and back and needs to sleep twelve hours of the day every day.  Not that I’m actually worried about that.  I’m quite happy to move into a building site.  It’s already much better than one of our previous moves and we survived that.  Actually I think it will all come together at once so if I’m right I could go from living in a wreck to having a lovely cottage- at least on the first floor- within the next two months at the most.

Meanwhile the bathroom remains HWIOO’s first priority.  He’s now built the two bathroom cupboards from scratch.  Sounds straight forward except for the fact that I don’t think there’s a straight line in the place and he got side tracked by the floor boards.  Yesterday he finished off putting the shelves in the airing cupboard – I’m slightly alarmed by how pleased I am about this.

Downstairs I have been filling the courtyard with all my potted plants and working out how I can put the rose arch in two pots.  I’m also looking at getting some mirrors (that’s not a great pun but there you go) to make the place look bigger.  In my mind’s eye I can see HWIOO and me on a sunny Sunday morning sitting out there in comfy chairs, him reading the paper, me writing the best-selling novel surrounded by beautiful flowers, drinking tea and eating toast made from home-baked bread.  Actually I can even do that if it rains because the courtyard has a roof covering part of it…perhaps not in the hail and snow that seems to be following me around the countryside though.

Shifting the great debris mountain from the living room has also filled my mind.  Having investigated the delights of a skip I was horrified to find that I was at least ten years out of date on their cost.  I find myself muttering rather a lot about only wanting to hire the thing not buy the company.  So I’m back to taking bags to the tip in the hope that I don’t encounter the gentleman with the clipboard.  Two more runs and its done until HWIOO takes a sledgehammer to something else.

Progress is being made- very slowly – but as I said to someone the other day we’re like the tortoise not the hare.  And no, its not a mobile home we’re moving into.


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