Shows and sold signs

salesignHuzzah! The sold sign has gone up outside.  Of course this is subject to all the usual legal and financial requirements and in this country at least, as we discovered at Christmas, personal whims of the buyers.

Consequentially, I am now running around like a mad ferret in search of cardboard boxes.  Morrison’s leaves its empty banana boxes at the end of the cash desks – so if you’ve seen a trolley stacked to the gunnels with boxes, that will probably have been me.  They are ideal for books.  Last time we moved I nearly caused HWIOO serious injury by packing a rather substantial box full of books.  I also asked in the other local supermarket but unfortunately these days many goods arrive on plastic pallets or the cardboard boxes are demolished as they are emptied.  A further consequence is that I am now loitering in a well-known economy supermarket to snaffle boxes.

It turns out though that my approach is old hat. HWIOO is a recent convert to the joys of Internet shopping.  Thirty boxes duly arrived within twenty-four hours.  Enough one would have thought to satisfy any woman packing up her worldly goods. Of course, there’s also the small matter of bubble wrap and newspaper.  HWIOO has taken to carrying his paper wherever he goes for fear that it might suddenly turn into packing material.  What he doesn’t know is that his winter pyjamas are now at the bottom of the box containing my crystal glass along with a wooly nest of hiking socks and a sweater.  Let’s hope there isn’t a cold snap at the end of the month.

Elsewhere it is time for the school play.  The madams are taking part in The Wizard of Oz.  The Right Little Madam is not a happy scholar.  Apparently a member of staff allocating roles turned to her saying, “You’re small and cute.  You can be a munchkin.”

“I’m not small.  I’m not cute.”

“Right then, you can be a happy puppy dog.”

Arms were folded.  Glasses slipped down the nose and a Paddington Bear stare was administered.

It would have to be said that The Right Little Madam seems to be modelling herself on the family pet Toby – a Westie of middle years and the very epitome of a grumpy little hound if not treated with the respect he deserves.  I can only hope that she doesn’t take it a stage further and bite a teacher’s ankle.  She’d have been in her element as a flying monkey – albeit a small and cute one.



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