New Year’s Resolutions

Last year we said that we would try to go to the cinema at least once a month. I managed to go twice…once in January to see The Hobbit and once in December for a viewing of Paddington. I would have gone to see the little Peruvian as soon as the film came out but HWIOO refused to go without a child in tow.


This year has started off in much the same way. We have said we will go to the cinema on at least twelve occasions and started off with the last instalment of The Hobbit. It was bottom numbingly long once you factored in Pearl and Dean’s offerings followed by the trailers but thankfully we saw the film in 3D – essentially the best bit about the whole thing. Or put another way it was daylight when we went in and dark when we came out.


The resolution was originally  made to ensure that HWIOO didn’t just work and sleep – clearly it didn’t work but as this year as we are reinventing ourselves following HWIOO stopping work it just might.


Having said that the festivities have taken their toll. Despite having an afternoon nap most days during the holiday HWIOO nearly fell asleep in his dinner last night with our friends Hattie and Archie.  He also failed to make the connection between the partially knitted sock that my friend Hattie showed me and one of her Christmas presents – a set of double-pointed needles.


“Do you need so many spares?” he asked looking at the pack.

“They’re different sizes,” Hattie pointed helpfully at the labels.

“But why do you need six?”

Eventually after a conversation that involved a metaphor about drill bits Hattie and I twigged that HWIOO was puzzled about the number of needles in each separate pouch.

“They’re not spares! You need all of them to make one sock.”

“You do?”

“Yes.” We chorused. And it’s not as though he’s never seen double-pointed needles in action before as I also knit socks. It perhaps says more about the number of crafting accessories that he believes Hattie and I to own between us.


This morning HWIOO was awake at his usual time. It’s a shame really as he’s at his most alert between the hours of five and seven-thirty – a time period when I am neither awake nor coherent. Now that I am awake HWIOO has gone back to sleep and will probably remain that way for several more hours. So, New Year’s resolution number two is to get back into the routine of diet, pacing and exercise so that HWIOO is more himself and less Rip Van Winkle. It’s another reason that we’ll be glad when we move.  The current favoured place for a walk is around the nearby graveyard making us feel like extended members of the Adams Family.


Finally there’s New Year’s Resolution number three. Thanks to the gentleman who put in an offer for our house and then withdrew for no apparent reason just before Christmas I currently do not have gainful employment having given in the required notice at work when our solicitor told us we’d be good to go at the end of January – after many glasses of wine we’ve decided it’s probably for the best as it will mean cottage renovation can pick up pace and I didn’t want to live on a building site in any event. However it does mean I need to get that novel out from under the bed and also develop my Etsy website as I need to be effectively self-employed on the grounds that while I do need to lose about a stone in weight I can’t live on fresh air. Inspiration was given an additional shove last night when Hattie showed me the Christmas cards she’d made during the holidays – sixty five professional looking cards all ready to post for Christmas 2015 (now that is organised) and she holds down a very demanding job as well as doing all the other things that domestic goddesses are required to do.

I either need to drink more coffee or get a manager! Perhaps that’s what HWIOO meant by saying I needed an action plan and a gantt chart – whatever one of those might be.


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