The Big HOHO plus one

Can someone explain why I purchased a turkey that barely fitted in the oven?  And which we will be eating well into the New Year? No, I thought not – but at least I don’t have to join the crush in the supermarkets for a while yet. There’s korma, risotto and raised pie as well as soup to work our way through.  I hope the girls don’t go off turkey; the Right Little Madam was never on it as it happens.  Perhaps I can come up with a cheesy turkey bake for her or chocolate turkey surprise – yup, that’s right.  The surprise is that it’s turkey!

Instead of hitting the sales (on account that we seem to have purchased a department store’s worth of goods before the event) we went to see Paddington the Movie – it was a marmaladetastic.  Having said that the Little Madam and Right Little Madam were slightly confused by the appearance of Dr Who in the guise of Mr Curry.

“That’s Dr Who!”

A small hand tugged at my sleeve, “Is Dr Who in Paddington, Granny?”  whispered the Little Madam. “I thought it was about that bear.”

“No, it’s an actor.”

“Uhm.” The air crackles with lots of questions forming themselves.

“Watch the film, you don’t want to miss an important bit.” I’ll work out the conversational cul de sacs in which I’m probably going to get lost later in the day or hope she forgets which is unlikely – but you never know.

Then home again – possibly to make marmalade but definitely to cook the Christmas ham. I know- what was I thinking as I leafed through all those recipe books?  Personally I blame Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood and all those other tv chefs, cooks and bakers.

Of course, we’ve arrived at that point in the festive season when we can’t really be bothered to do anything more strenuous than snooze and eat the occasional chocolate.  The Littlest Madam is flaked out under the Christmas tree snoring peacefully…it’s only taken forty eight hours to wear her out.  The Right Little Madam is doing one of those etching drawing things that I remember from when I was little.  Initially she said it was boring but she’s been at it for an hour now.

The Little Madam is watching yet another Disney film – I’m watching it with her but it’s not a problem to me typing up this post because she’s already offered a plot summary and helpfully tells me exactly what’s going to happen seconds before it does so that I do’t miss any of the important bits.

Even as I’m typing, another one of us has succumbed to sleep…and I’m being inexorably  sucked into the world of the Princess and the Frog- which is better than the Princess and the Slug which is what I initially thought the film was called.

All we need now is the promised snow and to break out the Quality Streets..and perhaps a nice ginger wine, then I’ll tackle the acting career option – still at least the Little Madam didn’t ask what the owner of Downton Abbey was doing leading a double life or why Mrs Weasley is moonlighting as a Scottish housekeeper…



2 thoughts on “The Big HOHO plus one

  1. Mavis

    Just eaten the third turkey-based recipe (pilaff a la Mary Berry! ) and three portions in the freezer!
    for future delights. Came home early from Scotland owing to threat of snow, but not a flake in sight! Looking forward to a Scots invasion for New Year by two Ayrshire Grandchildren!



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