One more sleep until the big HoHO!

DSCF1149 Today we went to the Christingle service.  I spotted that the congregation – young ones I assume- were invited to come as angels, shepherds or kings.  Unfortunately I didn’t identify this key point until the Number One Daughter was stuck in a very lengthy festive traffic jam and I’m not sure that she could have packed much more into the car in any event.

The Little Madam eventually went attired in a Disney dress, don’t ask me which one – I would seriously fail a Disney princess exam.  The Right Little Madam opted for the gothic angel approach.  She wore her Christmas jumper with sequinned robin teamed with the underskirt of my 1950s frock…it’s black.  She struck quite a pose in a floor length black standout skirt with stripy tights, tinsel halo and wings and a cheeky grin.  The Littlest Madam was decked out with tinsel wings under protest.

It felt like Christmas began at two o clock with a rousing rendition of O Little Town of Bethlehem. There were carols, two miniature donkeys, a silver band who played their hearts out, a choir, enough angels for a heavenly host including a blue Disney princess as well as our yellow princess, shepherds, kings and even a small boy dressed as a sheep.  The most exciting thing from the Littlest Madam’s point of view was the Christingle orange.  She consumed the sweets and the orange having been persuaded not to attempt the candle as well within ten minutes of arriving.

Upon our return home we were all very excited to venture out into the back garden to see Santa’s sleigh passing overhead and then to sprinkle magic reindeer dust on the lawn.  I am informed that the constituent parts are oatmeal and tinsel.

The Number One Son-in-Law has created a very Christmasy mulled wine and there are mince pies as well.  A space has been cleared on the hearth – thoughtfully situated so that Santa doesn’t land in the wine when he comes down the chimney or squash the pie with his foot.

Whilst we have no problem with Santa not getting a great deal of sleep in the next twenty-four hours, having to transport several hundred tonnes of gifts on a vehicle powered by flying reindeer at warp speed the Middle Madam is very concerned about the size of the fireplace.  She’s not entirely convinced anyone can get down it. She demonstrated this by attempting to get up it which was impressive as whilst we have a hearth we do not have a genuine bona fide chimney – the architectural ramifications of which I did not wish to discuss with a six-year-old as she’s inclined to listen really very hard and then ask particualy difficult questions.

I think she should be more concerned about the number of mince pies and alcoholic beverages that will be consumed this evening by Santa….


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