A slightly grumpy elf…

HWIOO has discovered the joys of Internet shopping so we have had a stream of delivery persons trailing down the front path this week before seven thirty in the morning which is impressive but not restful.  One has delivered a parcel to the next door neighbour but didn’t put the card telling us where it was through our letterbox; the post office note hidden under the doormat said we could collect our parcel on Sunday – they lied but not just to us there were very many disgruntled folk trying to work out if there was a special Sunday door or a secret knock that might have gained access to the sorting office; one parcel was deposited in the green bin and two are still in transit apparently.  HWIOO as also discovered the tracking mechanism for his purchases.

Meanwhile the assorted little madams are now fully purchased for, wrapped and hidden.  I held off buying the remote controlled spider for the Right Little Madam on the grounds that I was the one most likely to spend the rest of the festive period shrieking with terror.  HWIOO forbade me to purchase the Littlest Madam a Despicable Me ‘Fartblaster’ ….  It would have to be said that someone is going to have a very minion Christmas so lets hope she doesn’t go off the concept on the morning of the 25th.  It was also suggested that a set of bongos for the Little Madam would not win friends and influence people – i.e. her parents and their neighbours.

Usually by this time I’m looking slightly smug on account of the fact that I tend to finish my shopping pretty early in the festive season.  This year I have two problems.  I had an excellent idea for M’s present.  When I checked online in October the virtual shelves were groaning with the item in question.  Real shops, while not so crammed,  also had them.  In fact I even picked one up, inspected it and returned it to the shelf.  How I regret that now.  It turns out that just as there is a ‘must have’ present each year that results in parents and grandparents queuing for hours or turning into monster shoppers to get their hands on the gift most prized by a savvy seven year old  or stroppy teen  that there is a ‘must have’ present for crafters – or put another way ladies aged somewhere between 30 and 105 so I suspect they’re treating themselves as well.  I never realised before and now its too late because the item in question is American. Internet sellers are now placating their customers with information about ‘shipping dates’ from the States and I noticed one site was offering a discount because the next delivery isn’t expected until February.  So back to the drawing board.

Then there’s HWIOO.  In a fit of organisation I constructed a wish list for him on the website with rainforest tendencies and duly emailed the link to all his nearest and dearest.  Hurrah!  Except for one minor detail – I forgot that I would need to buy something for him myself….and time is running out….at this rate I’ll be dashing into a garage shop at five o’clock on the 24th of December.  He’s already got a petrol can – which isn’t much use with a diesel car and with my luck all the air fresheners will have sold out. Hey ho – or should that be ho! ho! ho!


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